Canaan is the main protagonist of the series CANAAN. She is a mercenary currently operating in Shanghai.

She was known as the only survivor when her village where been destroyed in a war in the Middle East. She was found by Siam and gave her the name Canaan. Siam trained her and acted like a father-figure to her in some ways, thus earning her respect and love. When he was murdered, she claimed to have "lost her light".

As an elite mercenary, Canaan is also a skilled marksman and an expert of combat, her weapon of choice most of the time being a Beretta Px4 Type G 9 mm semi-automatic pistol. She possesses the ability known as synesthesia which allows her to concentrate and combine her senses. She uses this ability as a radar to locate others, to hack into mechanical systems, and to dodge/deflect bullets easily. If she overuses it, however, her strength will be exhausted and she will collapse. Canaan has blond hair and hazel eyes, but whenever she uses synesthesia, her eyes turn red. She is always seen with a red halterneck shirt and brown pants. On her left wrist, she wears a black tattoo that possibly completes a whole picture of a snake with the tattoo on Alphard's arm. She covers this tattoo with a layered red armband, which repeatedly gets ripped off during her fights.

As she was living in isolation for most of her life, she treasures the friendship with Maria Oosawa, the first friend she has in years, to the point of prioritizing Maria's safety above all else and ruthlessly killing anyone she deems as a threat to Maria. Despite her works, she enjoys going out with Maria as well as living a normal life.

Then after using her power to hack the B-2's GPS system and let the bombs miss the conference hall to save the dignitaries inside while heavily armed PLA Special Operations Forces troopers escorted Kenji safely at the outskirts of the hall, she begins to lose her abilities to see colors until she regain her synesthesia when she was ambush by Liang Qi as her target with firing rockets, temporarily sealing her in rubble with Alphard. Later it is revealed that her real name was Despair.

Simply put, Canaan has a troubled, take-no-prisoners, tomboyish and considerably aggressive personality but is also nice and well-meaning. 


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