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Candace Young
Candace Young is the main villain protagonist and anti-heroine of the soap opera The Have and The Haves Nots. Candace is Hanna's estranged daughter, Benny's younger half-sister, and Jim's latest mistress who's less than half his age. Candace is portrayed as a roguish, crafty jezebel with a very presumptuous, saucy and nervy attitude.[6] Often, Candace subjugates others through her many forms of manipulation;extortion; low blows; and dirt she's able to obtain on people.[6] Unprincipled and unscrupulous, Candace has pulled many cons; has acted as a prostitute and a mistress; has engaged in elaborate forms of blackmail; etc. Candace also has redeeming qualities about her however, such as her genuine love and concern for her brother, Benny, and friend Amanda. In addition, she is very gay-friendly and has assisted Jeffrey through his struggles in dealing with his mother's anti-gay behaviors. She has expressed a discontentment with growing up with nothing and the dysfunctional family life she feels was brought on by her mother's bad choices and sexual immoralities. Candace is covetous and aspiring of the wealth and riches that the Cryer family possesses. She will go to any and all lengths to partake in it. Most of Inauspiciously for Jim, Candace is also friends with his daughter, Amanda. Katheryn disdains Candace, insinuatingly labeling her as "Nine" [after the number of mistresses Jim has had]. Candace is guiding their [Katheryn and Jim's] daughter, Amanda, in suing them for her [Amanda] inheritance. Candace has also opened up to Jeffrey about how she learned her many artifices and maneuvers from a deceased mentor/close comrade of hers, who was a tranvestite. It has been revealed in the series that Candace has a baby whose whereabouts and status are unknown. The father of her baby is released from prison by veronica to take control over Candace. Candace's mother frequently harasses Candace to bring her this baby.
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