Candy is a character in the Disney animated series Dave the Barbarian.

She is the temporary ruler of Udrogoth as her parents left her in charge as they went to battle evil. Left in charge while the king and queen are away, Candy has a contemporary "valley girl" attitude and would rather shop and hang out than rule a kingdom. Candy's main ability is her martial arts skills. She is rather selfish but gets over that in a small way while helping Hamwise and his wife defeat the nefarious Invisigoths. Just like Fang and unlike Dave she has proudly referred to herself also as a Barbarian. She has displayed the most strength out of the family often when it comes to monsters destroying a shop or so, whether or not she is stronger than Dave was never revealed; but out of the two, she is the one most willing to use it.

She is often ruled out of episodes before they start: needing to do documents, too much luggage to carry, and Fang tricking her into thinking cute musicians were staying at the castle, among other reasons.


When ever Candy is upset that she didn't have anything to make her popular or cool, she has her mind stuck in an "I-Want-it Spiral" and according to Dave, it'll freeze up any second, and temporarily, Candy freezes right on the spot, letting out a single yelp as she does. Dave's reaction to this: he bends her arms and legs as if so she can sit in a chair. He also turn her shocked expression, possibly due to her I-Want-It Spiral ambushing her, to a smiling one and puts Faffy in her lap.

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