Candy is one of the main protagonists of the videogame Fighting Vipers. She is a young woman who jump into the battle to help Bahn in her friends.


Candy is a rather attractive woman, She has a black hair in twintails, She wears a red and black suit, Red boots, and and white gloves, or using a black bikini.


Candy is a sweet and kind girl, She is shy, empathetic, selfless, and welcoming towards anybody, but she loves to get in friendly battles with saman and Bahn, She also has formed a friendship with Grace.


During a event around the slums of Japan, a classified project called VIPERS, recruited fighters to see who they saw fit against the grandmaster, Candy was one the first recruited alongside Bahn and Sanman, During the event s of the final events She alongside Bahn defeated the grandmaster and released the underground fighters. at The end Bahn said that everyone was greater champion oin their own right.

Months later, A new battle ensuing, but this time it was a tournament, Candy jumped to the call and agreed to battle as far anybody will be safe, At the end she seen alongside the winner of the tournament.


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