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Yoo-hoo, Honey Kong! Now's a good time to save where you've gotten to!
~ Candy Kong, Donkey Kong Country

Candy Kong is one of the heroic kongs from the Donkey Kong Series. She is the girlfriend of Donkey Kong.


The bulk of her personality is explained in the German manual for Donkey Kong 64. Candy Kong is seen, by not only the Kongs, but also the Kremlings, as one of the most beautiful beings alive. She loves Donkey Kong, as she helps him on his many quests. Many also think that Candy will marry Donkey, albeit the fact that she is currently uninterested in marriage with DK. To keep her figure, Candy engages in regular fitness regimes, and also loves music. In fact, her musical talent is exceptional. Apart from all that, Candy Kong is fairly mysterious.

The Donkey Kong Country animated series portrayed her with a personality as fiery as her red hair. She wanted to buy her workplace, the Barrel Factory. However, she'd sometimes be a bit of a tease with Donkey Kong, cancelling dates on a whim, though she'd share tender, loving moments with him.



  • She was the first female character throughout the Donkey Kong merchandise, although Dixie Kong was the first playable female character who first appeared in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. She appears to be very tall, much taller than Donkey Kong.
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