We are the good guys, Magma we don't kill.
~ Cannonball

Cannonball (Samuel Zachary Guthrie) is a fictional Marvel Comics superhero, associated with the X-Men. Created by writer Chris Claremont and artist Bob McLeod, Cannonball first appeared in Marvel Graphic Novel #4: The New Mutants (1982).

Cannonball is a mutant with the ability to propel himself through the air like a human rocket and flies at jet speeds while encased in an impenetrable force field. Over the years, Sam has grown from a New Mutants, to the leader of the original X-Force, to a full-fledged X-Man. He currently teaches at the Jean Grey School and is an Avenger.

The eldest of a large Kentucky coal mining family, Cannonball is one of few X-Men from a southern, rural background and has maintained the values of civility, hard work, and a strong commitment to his beliefs throughout his career as a superhero. Several of his siblings are also mutants and have joined X-Men-related teams, including his sisters, Paige and Melody, and brothers Jay and Jeb. Other siblings include a brother named Lewis, and four more sisters: Joelle, Elizabeth, Cissie and another unnamed sister who are human.

Cannonball was a founding member of the X-Men's junior team The New Mutants. He joined The New Mutants' later incarnation X-Force, serving as second-in-command and field leader. He joined the X-Men, becoming the first member of a secondary team to "graduate". His tenure was complicated by clashes with superiors and he eventually rejoined X-Force and later the X-Men once more.

A "salt-of-the-earth", honest, well-mannered and responsible young man, Guthrie is a natural leader. Guthrie is a fan of science fiction, especially the works of Robert A. Heinlein. Like the rest of his family Sam's religion Baptist it is one of the religion's in Kentucky.

Powers and Abilities

Mutantion: Cannonball's mutantion began when he was 14 to 15 years old. His mutant ability actived when Cannonball and other miners were trapped in a coal mine.

  • Thermo-Chemical Energy Field Propulsion:
  • Blast Field:
  • Superhuman Durability:
  • Superhuman Endurance:
  • Invulnerability:


Sam has the personality of a country boy he is sweet, nice, responsible, polite and down to earth he is very big on duty and loyalty. He is a young boy who knows that life is to short and because of this Sam believes not to be quick to anger and that you should give it your best and give it all you got while your a live.


Illyana we're, kids! You don't send high school varsity no matter how good up against the Pittsburgh Steelers It's sucide.

~ Cannonball
You killed her.
~ Cannonball
Give yourself a chance, Rhane an' then, give Illyana the same.
~ Cannonball
That ain't the point, Bobby, we're s'posed to be better than that.
~ Cannonball
An' you oughta be glad somebody's willin' ta take the heat ta keep you from doin' stuff you'll be sorry for later.
~ Cannonball
Ain't my law. Wouldn't care if it was, 'cause it stinks! Now return those children or Ah'll take 'em!
~ Cannonball stoping mutant policemen from arresting human children
If she isn't telling us everything, it's probably because she is scared.
~ Cannonball
Whatever anyone tells you, kiddo whatever you think about yourself you'll always be my friend. Our friend.
~ Cannonball to Wolfsbane

Family Tree

  • Thomas Guthrie - Husband of Lucinda, father of Cannonball and all ten of the Guthrie childrem. Deceased died from working in the coal mines.
  • Lucia Guthrie - Wife of Thomas, mother of Cannonball and all ten Guthrie children. Has to raise the family on her own after the death of her husband.
  • Husk - Mutant sister of Cannonball and sister of all nine Guthrie siblings. Husk has the mutant ability to shed her skin.
  • Guthrie Family - Many of Cannonball and Husk siblings we're mutants just like them until they lost their powers. The Guthrie's are a big family who lived many years on their  family farm.



  • In The New Mutants film, he will be portrayed by Charlie Heaton, who also plays Jonathan Byers in Strangers.


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