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Capitão Pitoco is a fictional superhero that appears in the Monica's Gang comics. He is a very popular superhero among children, mainly Jimmy Five and Smudge, having his own series of cartoons, movies and comic books (all this inside in the Monica's Gang fiction).

He is a parody of real superheroes like Superman, Batman, and Space Ghost. His greatest arch enemy is the Dr. Borboleta. It has been revealed that his biggest weakness is the internet.

Characteristics and traits

Capitão Pitoco is a generalization of the superheroes, with stereotypes being stubborn and persevering above all else. Like the Ursinho Bilu, Pitoco represents the icons of the children's public, mainly Superman and Super-Horacio, on which it is based.

Capitão Pitoco has always been a super-muscular character to match the other superheroes. In his first appearance, Pitoco was tall, wore a white blouse, blue trousers, with a helmet, gloves and gray boots and shoulder pads, collars and red belt.

He currently wears an elongated purple mask, forming his cape. The mask has a white inverted triangle, above the hero's eyes, which, with the mask, are entirely covered, appearing to be totally white. His clothes are totally yellow, his gloves white with purple details, purple boots, both with yellow details and, like every hero of DC Comics, he has a pair of underwear on his pants with a purple elastic band. In the center of his shirt there is another white inverted triangle, with a "P" (of Pitoco) of purple color.

Powers and Abilities


  • Pitoco-Cuffs: They are gloves of a thousand utilities equipped with rays of force, laser shots and a can opener of multipurpose cans. For this, it is necessary to have access to the internet.
    • Magical Ties: They are rays that form blue ties and trap the enemy.
  • Lancer: It has the shape of a toy gun Ce-Bolinhas, but throws a rope. Captain Pitoco used this on his last mission. Serves to capture enemies.
  • Pitoco-Bolinhas: Capitão Pitoco used on his penultimate mission. They are, in fact, a kind of bricketers to slip the opponent.
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