Capsule Corporation (Capsule Corp. for short) is a significant company based on Earth in the Dragon Ball universe, founded and managed by the genius Dr. Brief, with his daughter Bulma being second in command. Their flagship product are the Hoi-Poi capsules that contain various items such as medicine or aircraft. The company is allied with Goku and other Z-Fighters, supplying them with said capsules while protected by the latter.


At one time, the far more evil Red Ribbon Army was also trying to sell their own line of capsules, but were simply out-competed by Capsule Corp.

As Goku travelled to Namek from Earth to fight Frieza, he utilized one of the Capsule Corp's ball-shaped spaceships with training facilities.

Capsule Corporation's large outdoor spaces served as evacuation area for Namekian refugees following the destruction of their homeworld Namek, until they were able to settle on New Namek.

After Android 16 was heavily damaged in battle following his defection from the Red Ribbon Army, Bulma brought the android in for repair and replaced the RR logo with that of Capsule Corp., while also removing the self-destruct bomb from his body.

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Capsule Corp. manufactures and sells Hoi-Poi capsules, which can be bought anywhere on Earth. The Z-Fighters themselves have been protecting the Earth and the rest of the universe from destruction countless times, and as such the company allows them to hang out or train in the corporate buildings whenever and wherever they liked. Other things the company does for the Z-Fighters include:

  • Providing Hoi-Poi capsules with useful items like medicine.
  • Providing training equipment like high gravity chambers.
  • Providing spaceships and a time machine.
  • Researching on enemy strengths and weaknesses.

Their relationship with Earth's military is unclear, though certainly friendly given that both organizations have the Z-Fighters for defence against powerful enemies such as Frieza and Cell.

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