You've robbed 7 bookies over past 6 mouths. You haven't filed a resport, turned in any money; you haven't even arrested anybody.
~ Captain Doby was talking with David Starsky and Ken Hutchinson.
You relax pal, Relax!
~ Captain Doby was talking with Kevin

Capt. Harold Dobey is the main hero in TV Show Starsky and Hutch series. He is the captain of David Starsky and Ken Hutchinson, he was teaching them how be cops and teach them how to bad guys. also he portrayed by Bernie Hamition. Sometimes he was tell David Starsky how something new things to do rid buys from good people. He was telled Starsky to do something wrong with him, sometimes he calls the phone on Bad Guys how go to jail on the Newspaper.

Capt. Harold Dobey also appeared in the movie Starsky and Hutch. He was yelling at them to do something wrong at them, and led them to go out somewhere. In later he told Starsky to stop beating with Manetti in bathing room for the cops. Later while he was stoping them to be dragons with Big Earl, and he was giving to Manetti because they are played dragons.

Later in the movie he was came to check Reese Feldman and asking him he do something bad on Reese. later while he was invisited to Reese's big party in Bay Pines Country Club, and Reese was trying to shoot him and Starsky and Hutch was trying to get him to put on his office, but Reese just escaped on the vacation. Huggy Bear was hit him in the face. Later while he have a party with the cops and Huggy Bear and who someone's Birthday Party.  He was during the credits in the movie he portrayed by Fred Wiliamson.

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