There you go, guys! Teamwork makes the dream work!
~ CaptainSparklez about teamwork (determinant).

CaptainSparklez is a supporting protagonist in Minecraft: Story Mode, first appearing in the 6th episode of Season 1, A Portal to Mystery.

He is voiced by Jordan Maron.



CaptainSparklez and other YouTubers were invited to Cassie Rose's mansion when she had heard that one of them had the Enchanted Flint and Steel for their world. Ever since, she tried to earn their friendships, and figure out who had the Flint and Steel. Since she is also the White Pumpkin, Cassie could have killed YouTubers we don't know about at the time before Jesse and the rest of the New Order of the Stone arrived.

A Portal to Mystery

CaptainSparklez first appears when Jesse and the New Order of the Stone escape from the zombie hoard into Cassie Rose's mansion, being with a person called TorqueDawg. TorqueDawg is rude to Jesse even though they first met, but CaptainSparklez tells him to calm down. However, he is killed by one of the White Pumpkin (Cassie Rose)'s traps, and CaptainSparklez is surprised to see this.

Later on in the episode, Jesse can show CaptainSparklez the enchanted flint and steel or hide it from him, Either way, the latter reveals the White Pumpkin is after the enchanted flint and steel, but he is killed by yet another trap made by the White Pumpkin (Cassie). The White Pumpkin's voice recording takes place immediately after this.


"CaptainSparklez"? I've got, like, 9 million fans?
~ Captain Sparkles to Jesse.


  • "CaptainSparkles" and "CaptainSparklez" are interchangeable.
  • He was the second person to die in Episode 6, the first being TorqueDawg.
    • Ironically, both were killed by the White Pumpkin, who happens to be Cassie Rose.
    • Also, CaptainSparklez's fate is similar to what happened to Cassie after she was revealed to be the White Pumpkin.
      • However, while Sparklez died of suffocation, Cassie survived, but how she survived is unknown.


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