Captain Blue is the code name that the Spectrum Organisation has assigned to Adam Svenson, the former Inspector General of the World Aeronautical Society's United States chapter and the oldest son of a wealthy Boston, Massachusetts, financier. Sculptor Terrence "Terry" Curtis, a member of the team that sculpted the super-marionation puppets Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons used, gave the Captain Blue puppet a physiognomy that resembled a cross between his own self-portrait in wood and that of George Victor "Edward" Bishop, the actor who provided the character's voice in the programme.

Known background

Adam Svenson was born one year after the World Government of Earth was first established. He is a graduate of Harvard University whose degrees include business as well as aeronautics. But his father, a ruthless Boston financier, is convinced that Adam let him down by joining the World Aeronautical Society as a test pilot instead of joining the family business. Be that as it might, Svenson soon became the Inspector General, or Chief Of Security, of the WAS's United States chapter, in which duties he survived three assassination attempts.

Captain Blue with Scarlet

Captain Blue, Spectrum

Approximately one year after he joined Spectrum and officially received his code name, Captain Blue was involved in the Mysteron War, and found himself forced to shoot the Mysterons's likeness of Captain Scarlet off the London Car-Vu Sky Park Tower in order to prevent the assassination of World President James Younger.

He was later assigned as Captain Scarlet's field partner, soon after it was discovered that Captain Scarlet had become virtually indestructible.

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