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Captain Combustible

If you want to see him blow his top, try calling him "Stumpy". Go on. Try it.
~ Captain Combustible's description.
Captain Combustible's motto is, "Power to the Peashooters!" He and his Torchwood Teammates take that motto seriously. TOO seriously.
~ Dr. Zomboss's view on Captain Combustible.

Captain Combustible is one of the main protagonists of the mobile game Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. He is a Plant Hero of Torchwood, who leads Ka-bloom and Mega-Grow classes.



Not much is known about Captain Combustible's past. However, as seen in his introduction comic strips, he can be seen boosting a group of Peashooters to defeat a Gargantuar in a forest.

Zombie mission

Captain Combustible appeared in Menace on Molten Mountain! while boosting his group of Peashooters to fight Super Brainz, Neptuna, Impfinity, and Immorticia. During the fight, Super Brainz defeated him by using Neptuna's tank to extinguish his fire.

Powers and Abilities

Captain Combustible knows how to light a fire under his teammates.
~ Blazing Bark's description.
Captain Combustible's signature superpower is Blazing Bark, which allows him to increase a plant's strength by 4. His support superpowers are Meteor Strike (he can summon a meteor that deals 3 damages to a zombie), Embiggen (he can increase a plant's strength and health by 2), and Time to Shine (he can also make a plant do a bonus attack).



  • Captain Combustible's helmet is a resemblance to Nova and Heimdall from Marvel comics.
  • He does not like being call "Stumpy".
  • Captain Combustible's helmet only has a pair of horns in his Zombie mission comic strips, while it normally has two.


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