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NOTIFICATION: This is not to be confused with Captain Sham, Count Olaf's third disguise in the series. Captain Sham was a real man before Olaf killed him and stole his identity. This is only about the heroic version of Captain Sham, not Olaf's disguise

Incidentally, I rather enjoyed your theatrical reviews you wrote for The Daily Punctilio, and was sorry to hear you would no longer be writing them.
~ Captain Sham to Lemony Snicket

Captain Julio Sham is a posthumous protagonist in A Series of Unfortunate Events.


Captain Sham was in V.F.D. in his youth, and he used the sea captain disguise as his primary clothing. He took to sailing, and became a professional captain. He took to smuggling out V.F.D. agents when they needed to travel.

Unfortunately his ship, The Prospero (originally named The Pericles) had a habit of being overrun by the villainous side of V.F.D. who used seagulls to bombard their enemies.


He arranged to smuggle Lemony Snicket out to another location (possibly the Queequeg submarine). He also warned Snicket of the approaching enemies and that the enemies would be disguised as passengers or seagulls, meaning the enemies used seagulls as henchfolk, and not the more literal version as many believed.

Captain Sham gave Lemony Snicket a full detailed map of the ship, saying he would meet him on the end of the vessel, in the details, Sham told Lemony to walk through the White Jacket Lounge, the Redburn Ballroom and the Typee Shuffleboard Court (E). The Captain warned Snicket the villains would be stationed at the Black Guinea Deck, the Ringman Deck and the Black Rapids Deck and they would drown Snicket if they met him.

Captain Sham said he would be at the Shuffleboard Court, and to have Snicket meet him there, disguised appropriately as a sailor.


Captain Sham was later stationed at Danocles Dock in Lachrymose Town, and he encountered Count Olaf who presumably drowned him or strangled him. Once Captain Sham was dead, Olaf did the most evil thing and stole his identity, thus fooling nearly everyone including the authorities that he was Captain Sham.


  • Sham, as in Captain Sham, means a phony disguise or a fake identity, thus proving Count Olaf's disguise was fake. For the real Sham, it could simply mean he was a secret agent.
  • Captain Sham does not appear in the books proper, only appearing in the biography.


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