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Just gave me that power band! Because only the chosen one who deserve a power from power sphere!
~ Captain Kaizo to BoBoiBoy

Kaizo or Always known as Captain Kaizo is the main antagonist of the series finale turned anti-hero of BoBoiBoy Franchise who is known as the "Legendary Space Rebel" , the leader of his own team, and the member of TAPOPS.

Thus he was the final antagonist in Boboiboy series, as he was the main antagonist in the Boboiboy season 3, Episode 24 until his true colors were revealed when he reveals his initial plan, and he is also Fang's older brother.

He is voiced by Harris Alif and Nabil Zamanhuri.


Captain Kaizo is a young adult humanoid Alien with spiky dark purple hair and reddish eyes, which is very identical with his younger brother, Fang.

He also wears a dark blue fingerless gloves, the high-collared jacket he wears is now mostly blue in colour with ultramarine coloring the parts where his shoulders are all the way to nearly reaching the elbows. There also seems to be metal plates decorating the shoulders of the jacket. The turtleneck shirt that Kaizo wears underneath the open jacket is ultramarine as well. He now sports a golden watch on his right wrist with the face of the watch being cyan. The crevices to his silver-gray mask are neon blue. His belt buckle remains golden in colour as well as hexagonal in shape, but it seems to be attached to a white harness (in which he uses to sheath his sword). His pants are the same ultramarine as his shirt, and the same blue fabric of his jacket seems to decorate and cover most of the upper half of his pants.

In BoBoiBoy Galaxy, his outfit was changed into light blue coat with amber lines and black trousers, with navy blue gloves and red belt with yellow lines and some pockets. His mask is now colored gray with blue eyelines. There's a TAPOPS badge on the right arm of the coat. He still has the scar on his left cheek that he got from the battle at the final episode of the original series.


Captain indeed the most dangerous alien in the space, can you see this energy-shield ?
~ Lieutenant Lahap describe Captain Kaizo "between friend or foe"

Captain Kaizo is a very proud, extremely serious, mysterious and a sarcastic individual. To reach his goal, he is willing to do anything to achieve it, even if it requires violence. According to Fang and Lieutenant Lahap (Kaizo's loyal sidekick), he is one of most dangerous and strongest alien in space, proved that he got the title as "Legendary Space Rebel", he was able to easily defeat Ejo jo, rumored over since he fought with the Tengkotak leader, Bora Ra and also has very powerful powers and abilities, especially from his ergokinesis.

Kaizo and Fang relationship

Even known as a rebel, Kaizo is very calculated and honorable. This has proved that he challenged BoBoiBoy to have fought with him to prove that he is worthy to had got his power band or not. After their battle and loss, he accepted his defeat and believed that BoBoiBoy and his co. are worth to get a power band. He wanted to recruit BoBoiBoy and the others to join his team. But since his way is too extreme to resolve his missions, they refuse to join his side besides his goal actually good. Kaizo didn't force their decision even it's his own brother's decision to choose stay with BoBoiBoy instead of returning to his team. He also warned to them that there is another alien that will come to earth before his departure, which it later to be the Tengkotak.

Although Kaizo is quite cold and indifferent to the people around him, he can still show affection to his younger brother, best shown in Kaizo's pet name for Fang, 'Pang'. Kaizo's affection for his brother was showed yet again when he gave up his shield to protect his brother and risked himself from getting hurt himself when he tried to save him from Jugglenaut


Captain Kaizo commands to Private Pang (Fang) to search a power band at Rintis Island, he told to him to keep his true identity by giving a false name, and to use violence if it is necessary. He decides to leave him alone and state that Fang needs more time to search and observe it, and he will return in the right time.

Later on, he is seen talking with Bago go and witnesses Ejo jo who escape in the Bago go hospital. He finally returns to earth with his partner named, Lieutenant Lahap, defeat Ejo jo and his robot, P.E.T.A.I who wanted to revenge from BoBoiBoy. He introduces and reveals himself, and also reveals Fang's true identity was a Alien. We wanted to take a power band from him and his co. , but they refuse to give it. Kaizo tells to Private Pang to destroy them, but he is unable to do it and state that he is BoBoiBoy's friends and that they will never have a fight after their clash. Lahap is very furious to hear Private Pang's statement but Kaizo calms him down and he decides to finish him with his own.

After his battle with BoBoiBoy Thunderstrom, he begins to lose his interest to have a fight with them and order Lahap to eliminate them with dangerous toxic from his bag. Shocking with Kaizo decision, Private Pang stop at them and stole his friends power band and give it to Kaizo, persuade to him to forget about them. Kaizo applause with his decision and accept his apology.

He return to his spaceship along with Fang and Lahap.No longer after that, he was chased by BoBoiBoy and co. who decide to retake the power band and save Fang with Adu du and Probe help. Kaizo welcomed them, and challenge at them to fight with him, which BoBoiBoy accept it. He finally defeated by BoBoiBoy and Fang, and honorary accept his loses. He later let BoBoiBoy and co. to take their power band and accept Fang decision to stay with them instead him. Before his departure, he warned at them about the other aliens who will attacking earth and drop them back to Rintis island.

Power and Abilities

Captain Kaizo main power was a energy manipulation, thanks to a mask that he wear. When he use it, he able to manipulated the energy with any form like a shield, energy sword, energy punch and many others. His energy shield and barrier know is very powerful and difficult to destroy it. Aside this, he also display some natural abilities like swordsmanship ,agility ,durability and flexibility. This shown how he very easy to  dodging and counter-attacking BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm's attacks, and still able to stand up after being thrown away by Fang and BoBoiBoy's golem combo attack.

In BoBoiBoy Galaxy, he also have second tier of his ability which called as "Amber Mask". In this stage, his energy change into amber-colored, become more powerful than the previous stage

His weakness is he can only focus his energy on one to three techniques at a time. This is shown when he concentrated large quantity of energy force into his sword, so large that the Energy Handcuffs and Shield were disarmed. It is unknown why Kaizo didn't activate this form from the beginning, but Fang's reaction implies that it has a possible weakness.


Why would I follow my brother? He’s already strong. I would need to take care of... huh?
~ Fang's comment about Kaizo

Fang/Private Pang is Kaizo former follower and Little Brother. They have good relationship even both of them shown more look like commander-private relationship rather than normal sibling, but Kaizo never mistreat him even he said and shown that he willing to punish or attack Fang if he disobey his order or feeling betrayed. Fang shown very loyal toward him and also toward his friends, which causing Fang didn't want to see Kaizo and Lahap eliminate his friends, and taken their power band so Kaizo and Lahap didn't attack them. When Fang decide to choose stay with his friends instead return to his team, he didn't force him and agree with his decision.

Their relationship also shown again at BoBoiBoy Galaxy. Even though Kaizo arrogantly told to him do not intervene his battle against Jugglenaut, its shown his warned actually he doesn't want everyone especially Fang getting hurt by Jugglenaut. When Kaizo active his "Amber Mask" ability, its shown Fang shown his worried reaction when he use this ability to helping BoBoiBoy, indicating there are possible weakness that can endanger him.

  • Lieutenant Lahap

Lahap is Captain Kaizo partner and always accompany him. Kaizo seem able to calm Lahap when he get mad or reckless and order him to patient. Lahap extremely loyal toward Kaizo, and he also can get angered when see Fang disobey his order or worried about him when BoBoiBoy and Fang success defeat him.

At first time, he believe that BoBoiBoy and the other didn't worth to get a power band and decide to get it from them for his important mission, which he originally order it to Private Pang.But after his second fight with them (with Fang aids for BoBoiBoy side) and lose, he accept their victory and start to believe that BoBoiBoy, Fang and the other worth to get their power band. He wanted to recruit BoBoiBoy and the other to join his crew for his mission.However, since his method to resolve it to extreme, they refuse it even they know he actually didn't evil. Kaizo can't help but understand their decision and decide to returned them to earth. Before his departure, he warned to them that there is the other aliens will come and start to attack earth.


Alright, Good Morning earthling kids. I am Captain Kaizo, and this over here is Lieutenant Lahap.
~ Captain Kaizo introduce himself and Lieutenant Lahap to BoBoiBoy Gang
Impossible... Pang will always follow my orders!
Our agreement? Hmm... You have already so long with them. You must prove him that you still have a loyalty, DEFEAT THOSE EARTHLING KIDS!!!!
~ Captain Kaizo order to Fang/Private Pang to defeat his own friends
Hmm... This your new power, Pang? Well done.
~ Captain Kaizo amused with Fang/Private Pang Shadow manipulation power
Heh!If you really want I have a sword battle . . . COME HERE. . . let's have sword battle !
It seems you didn't understand, Fang ts not your friend, he is our team private, you are already FOOLED!!
Kaizo: Have you already forgot who I am? Have you already forgot who is taking care of you in your life?
Fang : Ngg...No, No, Captain.
Kaizo: What is your reason!? I've ordered you here to stole that power band... NOT MAKE A FRIEND!!
Fang: Aaaarrgghh...Fo... Forgive me Captain... Uuuugghh...
Kaizo: *Sigh* I will punish you!!
~ Captain Kaizo to Fang " Between Friend and Foe"
You will regret because you betray me Private Pang !
Hahahaha ! Finally. . .this is the moment I've been waiting for !
~ Captain Kaizo when battled with BoBoiBoy and Fang
You don't have to BoBoiBoy. I mean it, you are really something
Don't be afraid. . . you have already proven enough that you deserve those power bands
~ Captain Kaizo after admit his lose to BoBoiBoy
But what? Isn't our mission to find these power and only distribute it to those who are worthy ?
~ Captain Kaizo to Lieutenant Lahap about their true mission
Its OK if you don't want to join my crew, but be careful BoBoiBoy ! If I can find you. . . the others can too. . .
~ Captain Kaizo warn to BoBoiBoy about the evil aliens who will found them soon


Captain Kaizo appearance comparison

  • His name deliver from Japanese words, Kaizo (改造 Kaizō)" means "hacked" or "modded".
  • His current age is 20 years old (23 Years old in BoBoiBoy Galaxy) and his birthday is November 4.
  • His age different with Fang is 9 years. Because this, Fang probably born when Kaizo was 9 years old.
  • In his first concept, Kaizo much look like a full-mature man than his current appearance. In one teaser picture, Kaizo have different colour scheme before its change to current colour scheme which make him more look like Fang.
  • He is a second alien who take the BoBoiBoy gang power band even later he let them to retake it..
  • Beside many character shown their comical side, Kaizo is only the most serious and rare to shown any comical side for the protagonist side.


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