Captain Kidd is one of he heroes from World Heroes video game series.


A great and new pirate with an indomitable soul who won seven oceans in the discovery era. As a pirate of his flying imperial empire, Captain Kidd likes treasures, dangerous things and crises. Kidd is certainly not a gentleman, but he has a kind heart. Accompanied by the triplets Taka, Gee, and Boo and a vulture called named Peter. Although still a kids, Kidd had a pet shark called Blue Thunder, until a stormy night put the Kidd into the sea. Blue Thunder protect him from other sharks and dies in the process. Since then, the soul of the Blue Thunder has lived in Kidd's fist.

He is eager to compete and win in the legendary Underworld Blood Bash, where powerful warriors will fight. He even wanted to challenge Erick the Viking, but unfortunately found him from another era. Knowing the 2nd World Heroes competition, the most powerful warriors from different eras gathered together. Kidds played in the tournament on his flying ship to challenge the fighters. He was not invited to participate in the competition. The reason is that he has already taken away all the treasures he can find. Erick and Kidd competed in the tournament because they were a men of the sea.

In the tournament, he finally found the treasure of Diego del Fuego Gonzales, he is looking for a long time. He ordered his people to put the treasure on his boat. However, due to the weight, the ship could not hold them together and separate them, so there were too many treasures. Captain Kidd left, desperately, the treasure is now lost in the sea. The ship empire was remodeled by Dr. Sugar Brown and used to give Kidd a time machine inside.

Now back to his tedious days of searching for treasures in the seven seas he ruled, Kidd received a news of a new World Hero tournament and decided to participate in boring, this time joining the normal. He eventually stole the treasure of Zeus in the process. Now on his new flying ship can travel time, he wants to know which era he can go with his pirate crew to steal their treasures.


  • Captain Kidd is based on the real Scottish sailor turned pirate Captain William Kidd.
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