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Captain Marvel
Billy Batson, while still attending elementary school, became a member of the Justice League through his superhero identity Captain Marvel. However, a fight between himself and Superman that was secretly engineered by Lex Luthor caused Billy to see that the main heroes of that league that he looked up to—particularly Superman—were no longer acting like heroes and after the fight Billy resigned his membership in order to keep his morals and idealism intact.

Billy Batson was voiced by Shane Haboucha, while Captain Marvel was voiced by Jerry O'Connell.


Billy Batson was a young boy who, by saying the magic word "SHAZAM!", became the powerful and popular crimefighter Captain Marvel. Still coming into his own as a young superhero, Billy would strive to follow the example of his favorite hero: Superman. To his credit, Captain Marvel quickly became respected and admired, both in his home of Fawcett City and beyond. He was eventually extended an invitation to join the expanded Justice League.

Billy believed in fair play, taking people at their word and giving them the benefit of the doubt, an optimistic viewpoint that very often borders on naiveté (but then, he's still in grade school). He attended C.C. Binder Elementary School and was frequently late due to super-hero duties.


Captain Marvel has a wide variety of abilities, similar to the powers of the gods.

He possesses:

  • The Wisdom of Solomon (super intellect, omnilinguism, hypnosis, and clairvoyance).
  • The Strength of Hercules (vast super strength).
  • The Stamina of Atlas (super endurance and self-sustenance).
  • The Power of Zeus (transformation into Captain Marvel and back to Billy, enhancement of powers, magical resistance).
  • The Courage of Achilles (invulnerability and mental resistance).
  • The Speed of Mercury (supersonic flight and speed).
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