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And that's the way it is.
~ Captain Neweyes, also the famous quote for his voice actor Walter Cronkite

Captain Neweyes is a character in We're Back!: A Dinosaur's Story. He is Professor Screweyes' brother, but is far more kind-hearted and nice. Unlike Screweyes, who enjoys scaring people with his business, Neweyes makes people happy by granting them their wishes. He mostly does young people's wishes because he says "they wish the loudest." He is the one who introduced Rex, Elsa, Woog and Dweeb to the modern human world and fed them Brain Grain cereal to make them more intelligent, less primal and vicious, and more friendlier.

He was voiced by the late TV anchor Walter Cronkite, known for his departing catchphase seen above.


Captain Neweyes is an inventor who brings the dinosaurs to the present. Likewise, he is the inventor of Brain Grain, who reveals his goal of allowing the children of the present time to see real dinosaurs. However, he also intends to protect them from his sinful brother, Professor Screweyes.

When he first appears with his futurisitc time ship to recruit Rex for his plan, he has his alien assistant Vorb lure Rex into the ship. Once Rex is secured, he is fed massive amounts of Brain Grain to increase his intelligence and render him less hostile and vicious due to his predatory nature as a carnivore. Once pacified, he is allowed to meet the other dinosaurs that Neweyes has recruited in Elsa, Woog, and Dweeb, before Neweyes reveals his Wish Radio and how many kids in the modern future wish to see living, breathing dinosaurs. Taking the dinosaurs into the future from the prehistoric era to the 1990s, he also warns them to watch out for two people in particular: Doctor Julia Bleeb, who will take them to the Museum of Natural History to be put on display for the kids to see and talk with in private, who is allies with Neweyes, and Neweyes' evil twin brother, Professor Screweyes, who lost his eye several years ago and will exploit the dinosaurs for his own sadistic pleasure. Once in modern day NYC, Neweyes released the dinosaurs into the water below and departs for the time being.

He reappears near the end of the film as his ship cuts down Screweyes' circus tent and then, under Vorb's guidance, frees the dinosaurs from their shackles that Screweyes put them in. Neweyes then descends to personally confront his brother over his actions before commending Louie and Cecilia on their efforts to return Rex and the others to their Brain Grain friendly selves, having heard Cecilia's wish for nothing bad to happen on his Wish Radio. Shortly after Screweyes' clown Stubbs resigns and quits, Neweyes tries to convince his twin brother to repent and join them, but when Screweyes scornfully refuses, Neweyes leaves him to his fate as he takes Louie, Cecilia, Rex, and the others aboard his ship to take them to Dr. Bleeb.

Once reaching the Museum of Natural History, Dr. Bleeb welcomes them in and gets them into position just in time for the museum's opening. Once the kids are seperated from their parents, Dr. Bleeb cues Rex and the others to unfreeze from acting like statues, allowing the kids to fulfill their wishes of meeting living, breathing, and friendly dinosaurs. Neweyes' last appearance is closing the door to the room and saying his voice actor's famous sign-off quote seen above.