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And that's the way it is.
~ Captain Neweyes

Captain Neweyes is a character in We're Back!: A Dinosaur's Story. He is Professor Screweyes' brother, but is far more kind-hearted and nice. Unlike Screweyes, who enjoys scaring people with his business, Neweyes makes people happy by granting them their wishes. He mostly does young people's wishes because he says "they wish the loudest." He is the one who introduced Rex, Elsa, Woog and Dweeb to the human world and fed them Brain Grain cereal.

He is voiced by the late TV anchor Walter Cronkite.


Captain Neweyes is an inventor who brings the dinosaurs to the present. Likewise, he is the inventor of Brain Grain, who reveals his goal of allowing the children of the present time to see real dinosaurs. However, he also intends to protect them from his sinful brother, Professor Screweyes.