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Captain Nick "Havoc" Parker

Captain Nick "Havoc" Parker is a highly trained GDI commando and the main protagonist in Command & Conquer Renegade.


Nick is a GDI commando with a characteristically bad attitude. He is the primary character in Renegade. Before joining GDI, Parker was a US Marine who excelled in the use of high explosives. He was recruited by the GDI and cycled through special forces training before being assigned to GDI's elite "Dead-6" commando unit. Eventually, Havoc quit the unit and began operating solo, using his special forces training to fight Nod his own way. He was part of a GDI operation that uncovered and destroyed Nod's Project ReGenesis.


Nick Parker had an extremely bloated ego and condescending attitude, partially caused by his skills with weaponry, physical traits and history of warfare. He also got in odds with authority, especially military, which led to him being incarcerated by the GDI military police numerous times.

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