Captain Panaka was a major character in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. During the
Captain Panaka
Invasion of Naboo, Captain Panaka was the leader of the security forces in Naboo when it was invaded by the Trade Federation. After the murder of a monarch, he tried to protect the Queen through various security forces.

When the planet suffered a blockade, Panaka realized the danger that the Trade Federation posed against to the planet. He and his forces fought Federation's military droids but they eventually surrendered to OOM-9's forces. He was later escorted by the battle droids out of Theed until two Jedi Knights Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon rescued him.


  • He slightly resembles Captain Gregar Typho.
  • Panaka returns in the Angry Birds Star Wars franchise, but he is only playable in the second game. Despite his brown colour, Panaka is portrayed by Chuck the Yellow Bird. He attacks by using his blaster to shoot six green energy bolts. Two head to the target area, while the other four travel at a 10 -- 15 degree angle. The lasers spread out in their formation, coming in three at a time, and can bounce off metal and can destroy wood and glass but anything else can stop them. He first appears as a background element in the boss stage Chapter 1: Naboo Invasion, returns in cutscenes in Chapter 2: The Escape to Tatooine, and makes his first playable appearance in stage 7 of Chapter 3: Battle of Naboo. He is since then seen playable on the Bird Side, even in boss stages that appear after he was first playable.


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