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That won't... be necessary. Burn not paper with fire, lest ye yourself become singed.
~ Captain T. Ode

Captain T. Ode, formerly known as Khap'taan Teeowed in his time, is a character who lived in ancient times, and his time preserved in a block of ice brought him to the present where he was freed from his icy prison by Olivia's Fire Vellumental phoenix form. He has a tendency to speak in italics, which was common when he still lived in his own time.


Captain T. Ode lived in the ancient past and his story is spoken through folktales by the Shangri-Spa Toads. The submarine was once called the Spa Marino where it would transport passengers between Diamond Island and the surface. It was later called the Super Marino after Captain T. Ode stole the submarine, and as a sort of ransom, he would be willing to make an exchange for King Shroomses' crown in return for the Super Marino. However, as much as the king wanted the submarine back, he happened to be extremely loyal to Shangri-Spa, and enjoyed their spas and was completely unwilling to give up his throne and title. Therefore, he refused the offer and instead made an arrangement of having Captain T. Ode frozen in a block of ice underground with the help of "ancient technology" (which are revealed to be open freezers) as punishment for his crimes, where the captain was preserved through eons.

In an unspecified timeline of events, Professor Toad became interested in the ancient history and obsessed with getting his answers from Captain T. Ode about certain lifestyles. His attempts at trying to reach him has failed, due to Hole Punch's removal of the desert sun which had Scorching Sandpaper Desert in darkness and was ambushed by a Paper Macho Pokey.

After Mario and Olivia destroy the Yellow Streamer and freeing the sun from the disco ball in the process, the Sun Alter opens and leads them downstairs where Captain T. Ode was held. Olivia uses her Fire Vellumental form to melt the ice and bring him out of suspended animation. Professor Toad asks him about his preferences, which he replies "Cream with three sugars" (in the Japanese and Chinese versions, he answers "Cornflakes") which satisfies the professor's curiosity. Upon hearing that the Super Marino is in the Musée Champignon as an exhibit, he promptly heads to Toad Town to retrieve it, as he believes that the Super Marino is meant to be out at sea. After the museum owner agrees to give him back the submarine, he makes a deal with Mario, allowing him access to the Super Marino and Sea Charts as long as they let him go with them on their seafaring adventures. He travels with Mario and Olivia on their Purple Streamer expedition, where his submarine allows them to grab underwater treasures and bring them to Diamond Island in order to move further on their adventure. Captain T. Ode permanently remains atop of the deck of Sea Captain Toad's ship.

During the ending sequence following the deaths of King Olly and Olivia, Captain T. Ode is seen attending the Origami Festival with the Sea Captain Toad on board The Princess Peach cruise ship.


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