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Car-Pet is a character from Mahou Daisakusen series of shoot 'em up video games by Raizing (or 8ing). She is a little magical girl who actually flies with her carpet based on a character from an Arabian-themed fantasy story, Aladdin. Originally, she first appeared as a disposable non-playable character in Kingdom Grand Prix (known in Japan as Shippu Mahou Daisakusen), but her usual name was not mentioned yet. In other direction, she later appeared to be a playable character in Armed Police Batrider along with the entire cast from both Sorcer Striker/Mahou Daisakusen and Battle Garegga (since they came out, except for the New Version or Type 2) as guest stars.

In Carpet's individual ending, she has a good news that she easily beaten the shooting game. But she also has a plan to become the main role on a great work for an 8-bit styled role-playing video game titled Carpet Stories. Then she tells the audience about the upcoming sale of her game.


  • Her name is derived from an English word "carpet", which defines a textile floor cover.
  • Due to the non-standard character design of Car-Pet, she appears like a character from some anime for children to further emphasize her choice of Guest Fighter and Deadly Joke Character.
  • Car-Pet has won the game and say to the cameraman when the role-playing video game is available for sale. These make her a fourth wall breaker.


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