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Carl Foster is one of the four main protagonists (along with Thorny, Mac and Rabbit) of the police comedy movie Super Troopers and it's sequel Super Troopers 2. He is a Vermont State Police Trooper stationed near in the town Spurbury, who along with the other officers prefers to pull pranks than do police work. However, Foster is most calm and reserved than most of his fellow State Troopers, willing to act more professional since their station is endanger of being shut down. He later forms a relationship with an attractive local police officer, Ursula Hanson, despite the rivalry between the Highway Patrol and Spurbury Police department. Foster is portrayed by the Broken Lizard comedy group member Paul Soter, who also portrayed Jan Wolfhouse in Beerfest.


Police Work

On a day of work, Foster left his cruiser on the side of the Highway with his dummy in it dressed in a State trooper uniform, while he went fishing. When he returned to his cruiser, Foster found that the outcast trooper of his unit, the short-tempered and dimwitted Rod Farva, who was suspended from field work after an incident where he picked a fight with children on a school bus, was trying contact about a speeding driver on the highway. While trying to move his dummy out of the driver's seat of his cruiser, the speeding driver passed him and ripped the head off of his dummy. Foster then went after the speeding driving, along his fellow trooper, second-in-command of his unit, Arcot "Thorny" Ramathorn, and rookie trooper Robert "Rabbit" Roto, who were already pursuing the driver. When the driver stopped at a local bar, Foster went in with Thorny and Rabbit to arrest the driver, only to discover the driver was another trooper, his partner MacIntyre "Mac" Womack, who was pranking them. While Foster, Thorny, and Rabbit pay Mac for the prank, Foster does tell Mac he owns him a new dummy. When Farva contacts them about 3 college kids that Thorny and Rabbit picked up for driving under the influence, Foster stays in the bar while Mac scares the college kids. The next day at a diner, Foster showed up last for breakfast, he sat at the bar where Ursula Hanson an attractive officer for local police, the Spurbury Police Department, was sitting.


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