~ Carl's rage to find out what's bothering him.

Carl is the Father of the Winslow family and a lieutenant in Chicago’s Police Department. He was portrayed by Reginald VelJohnson. He is usually arrogant and minor antagonist anti-hero.  



Carl is a stocky, hard-working, and humble man. He is a Police Officer for the Chicago Police Department. He starts out as a Police Sergeant, then Lieutenant, and then Captain. Carl takes his role as the bread-winner of the household very seriously. Because of this, his opinion of being the "man of the house" tends to get in the way of more personal issues with his wife, Harriette. His ego often gets him into trouble with Harriette, although he is somewhat quick to concede to his wife, as she often ends up teaching him a lesson when it comes to resolving petty marital disputes. Carl can be very cheap, he usually cut corners to save money or when he sees the bills and tries to pays his own taxes. He even builds things himself, when he sees the bill how much would it cost (understandably) and decide to build it himself. That ends in disaster, however. 

Carl has a tendency to come down very hard on his only son, Eddie, while being protective of his daughters, Laura and Judy, at the same time. On occasion, Carl acts in an erratic fashion, and usually blames it on his stressful job. However, deep down, Carl has shown he is a very loving and caring father. Once, he became offended when Laura wore a skimpy, revealing dress, and gave Eddie an ultimatum when it was revealed that he was drinking beers at his fraternity parties. In Hot Stuff, this had Eddie telling Carl "It's time you stopped acting like a cop and start acting like my dad!". Sometimes he is usually arrogant and egotistical. 

His favorite food is doughnuts, something very stereotypical of policemen.

Carl is the son of Estelle and Samuel Winslow. According to the pilot episode of the series, he has four brothers: Walter, Darryl, Calvin and Frank. Frank (Ted Lange) appeared in the eighth-season episode "The Brother Who Came to Dinner," and was portrayed as a long-estranged member of the family who was on the wrong side of the law.

Carl is constantly annoyed, irritated, harassed, bothered and tormented by his pesky neighbor Steve who doesn't learn to leave him alone.

7 things Carl likes so much

  • Carl chases Steve around the Winslows neighborhood.
  • Punishing Eddie for his reckless behavior.
  • Trying to get Steve to leave him alone.
  • He and the Winslows are trying having to their nerd free days.
  • His job as a police officer.
  • Trying different ways to rid off of Steve.
  • Try to set Steve straight.
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