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Carla is one of the three tritagonists of Rio 2, the others being her siblings Bia and Tiago.

She is the daughter of Blu and Jewel, the older sister of Bia and Tiago, the granddaughter of Eduardo, and the great-niece of Mimi.

She is voiced by Rachel Crow.


Carla is the fluffiest and biggest of the chicks. She gets her chubby build from her great-aunt, Mimi. She looks almost exactly like her mother, but, like her siblings, has her father's beak and talons. Unlike her siblings or parents, Carla's eyes are bright green in color, which she gets from her grandfather (though his aren't as bright as hers) and she has dark eyelashes like her mother and sister. Her eyelids have a very light tint of lavender, which like her build, is presumably from Mimi.

She is a little on the plump side, with round, curvaceous shapes, and a long tail. She has Jewel's "hair" style, along with unique facial markings that can sometimes resemble that of Bia's: a band over the top of the beak and around the eyes, but not the same color. Whilst the rest of the family's facial markings are lighter than the rest of their feathers, Carla's are darker. She has the largest wings of the brood, making her want to show them off. Her back is more blue, while her breast and belly are more cerulean in color.


Carla is a confident chick who tries to make herself look more beautiful by winking her eye and dancing elegantly. She seems to have a close bond with her mother, and shares her mother's personality and attitude, along with being very klutzy like her father. It is revealed that she is rather fond of music.

Carla is also larger than life, precocious, and a mostly happy character. Carla is energetic, vivacious, and loves the stage, and like the typical teen, hates it when she is interrupted during a performance. She is creative and artistic, and likes time away from her parents and siblings so she can express her musical side; Carla loves to sing, and is inseparable from her iPod, which causes annoyance to her when Tiago makes her trip on them. 

Carla is the spunky eldest of the triplets, who'd rather be listening to her iPod than hanging with her family. Though she initially dreads the idea of a family vacation into the wild, she soon finds out that her cool "uncles," Nico and Pedro, are coming along to scout talent, and suddenly the trip has potential. Carla ultimately blossoms when she finds a way to help scout talent and judge the auditions.

She has a take-charge attitude, waking Nico, Pedro and Rafael up early and leading them to begin scouting for talent, having already gathered a large crowd of auditionees.



Although unnamed at the time, Carla, her brother, and her sister are seen at the end of the film, flying, singing, and dancing with their parents. The three chicks also sing a line in the song "Real in Rio".

Rio 2

Carla helps her siblings prepare fireworks for the New Year's Eve celebrations, envisioning the colors and the sequence that would play along the best. When their parents show up and tell them not to play with fireworks, she agrees with her siblings that Blu always says no, even saying that Jewel is becoming just like him. Carla later flies up to the Christ the Redeemer statue with her family, watching the fireworks in awe and wonder.

Sometime later, Carla is in the kitchen of Linda and Tulio's house with her siblings, spraying whipped cream on her pancakes. When Blu kicks a blueberry into it, she cheers with Bia. As Jewel arrives, looking on with disapproval, Carla busies herself by listening to her iPod and watching TV with Bia. Carla then excitedly points out to her parents that they are on the TV, exclaiming that they are famous. When Jewel complains how the kids are being raised too human-like, she takes out one of the buds from Carla's iPod, to her annoyance. When Blu considers Jewel's suggestion to go to the Amazon, Carla remarks that he didn't say no, which was then backed by Bia.

After learning what the Amazon is, Carla refuses to go, thinking it is "gonna be lame". When she learns that Nico and Pedro are coming, however, she changes her mind. She enjoys the journey, keeping her headphones on at all times, and riding on a Rhea with Bia. When they get to the Amazon, she stays close to Rafael, Nico, and Pedro. As they discover the Spix's Macaw Tribe, Carla looks on with awe. Carla asks Jewel if she is okay after being reunited with her father, Eduardo, and he realizes that he is a grandfather. He tells the kids to call him "pop-pop" at his insistence, and Carla says that it has a nice ring to it.

When Mimi tries to hug her and her siblings, Carla flees, frightened. She dances with her siblings, mother, and newly found family during "Beautiful Creatures", enjoying the attention. Afterwards, she overhears Nico and Pedro's woes about their talent scouting. She later bags the biggest room in Roberto's nest, saying that she should have it because she is the oldest. She is later sung a lullaby by her mother, falling asleep with Bia and Tiago.

In the morning, she wakes up Rafael, Nico, and Pedro for the talent show's auditions, having gathered a large number of animals to audition. Pedro remarks that she has been busy, judging by the contestants' presence in numbers. She helps judge the auditions, impressed by some of them. During a disguised Nigel's audition, she dances to the music, and later tells him about the big show, where everyone in the village will be attending, unknowingly giving Nigel an idea on how to kill her father. She hurries them onwards with their rehearsals, stopping only to ask Blu if he's coming. She watches the soccer match at the Pit of Doom, cheering for Blu and Roberto, but shows disappointment when Blu accidentally scores for the wrong team. However, like Bia and Tiago, she soon forgives him, and joins the tribe and her family in the fight against the loggers, fighting with Rafael, Nico, and Pedro (dropping some turtles into the battle). After the loggers flee, Carla, Bia, and Tiago share a hug in joy.

After Gabi and Nigel seemingly die, Carla stands with her family. After Bia remarks that Gabi isn't poisonous, Gabi tells everyone that her parents told her she was poisonous, despite the fact that she was not. Carla replies that she must have had mean parents. Nigel attempts to attack Blu again, and Jewel shields Carla with her wings, but Gabi drags Nigel away. Carla then flies away with her family and the tribe.

Carla then presents the "Amazon Untamed" show, singing alongside Nico. She dances with her family, enthusiastic and content in her new home.

Rio: Snakes Alive!

At the beginning of the Rio: Snakes Alive! novel, Carla and her siblings listen to their father explaining about the sanctuary's economic woes. Like her brother and sister, she is excited rather than scared, when Blu describes the wild, and follows her family as they go to Luiz for answers. When Luiz describes the legend of the Pedra da Gávea, Carla is eager to go, but disappointed when Blu and Jewel leave her and her siblings in Nico, Pedro, and Rafael's care. Becoming bored as Nico, Pedro, and Rafael attempt to teach them to dance, Carla suggests to her siblings that they should go after their parents. She tricks Nico, Pedro, and Rafael by prompting them to play hide-and-go-seek. As their uncles are distracted, they escape the sanctuary. When they run across Basil, Carla and Bia cheer him up and follow his lead to the rock after Tiago reunites him with his stick. Upon being informed by Nigel of their parents' cave-in accident, Carla and her siblings rush to their location and uncover a secret door to rescue them. As Blu and the bat colony discover and attempt to fight off Ssssalbatore, Carla flees with her family. In the final pages, Carla is seen being happy to have been rescued and reunited with her parents.



  • At the start of Rio 2, Carla is approximately 4 years old.
  • Carla was originally going to be called "Savannah."
    • Carla is one of two Spix's Macaws born in captivity in 2014 at the Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation Center , the other being Tiago.
  • Carla seems to use her feathers and wings for dancing, just like Jewel.
  • Carla is the only one of the chicks who has green eyes, which she inherited from Eduardo.
  • Carla does not like Tiago as much as she likes Bia, and sometimes finds him annoying.
  • Carla does not hang around with her father a lot, compared to how much time she spends with her mother.
  • She has a very close bond with her mother and sister.
  • Carla has the largest wings of her brood.
  • Carla owns a pink iPod, and takes it with her when the family heads to the Amazon.
    • She gets very annoyed when her mother takes it away from her, or if Tiago makes her trip on her earphones.
  • Carla sings a few verses in the song "Batucada Familia" during the "Amazon Untamed" performance at the end of Rio 2.
  • Carla enjoys watching TV in Linda and Tulio's home, along with both of her siblings.
  • Carla, and both her siblings, run away from their great-aunt Mimi when she tries to hug them, probably terrified.
  • During "Beautiful Creatures", Carla paints her face by printing a flower mark on each cheek, and then printing one on her left side.
  • Carla is the only one out of the three chicks that is close to Pedro and Nico, most likely due to their same interest in music.
  • Carla is aware of being the eldest, and uses it to her advantage while picking which bedroom she wants in Roberto's old nest.
  • Carla was born 3 minutes and 2.5 seconds before Bia and 6 minutes before Tiago.
  • Carla is the only chick in her brood to sing in the second film.
  • Carla eats jungle food, but also eats human food such as pancakes and soda.
  • When asked about the songs on Carla's iPod, Rachel Crow stated that she thinks that Sam Smith's "Latch" and "Stay With Me", Nicki Minaj's "Pills N Potions", Katy Perry's "Birthday", and Ed Sheeran's "Sing" would be on Carla's playlist.
  • Carla's favorite color seems to be purple, shown by how she says the color with adoration when planning the New Year's Eve fireworks display.
    • In a sample of Rio 2: The Junior Novel (accessible here), she is also described as "the most artistic of the three kids".
  • In one of the original storyboards for Rio 2, a poster for a singer called "Justin B-Bird" can be seen in Carla's room, a possible hint at her having an interest in teen pop idols.
  • Carla's iPod's earphones were dropped when the Spix's Macaw Tribe abducted them. It is unknown if they were recovered afterwards.
  • Carla's personality and appearance are a balance between Blu's and Jewel's, unlike her siblings which have a more prominent feature from either parent.
  • Carla likes to dance ballet, as shown in most of Rio 2's music videos.


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