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Carlino "Carl" Casagrande is one of the Casagrande children 

He is voiced by Alex Cazares 


Carl likes acting like a ladies' man. He considers himself as smarter and more mature than Bobby, so this makes him believe that he's his boss.

Carl is also mischievous because he likes messing around with Carlota's cosmetics and he switched out the flash drive Bobby was going to send to Lori. However, he's very clumsy as shown in "The Spies Who Loved Me."

Carl is fairly confident and out-going, as he tried to protect his family from the city rats.

Carl is also a rather forgiving person as he didn't mind that his father planted a tracking device on him. He's seen dancing with Lola during Luna and Hector's duet even though she beat him up before.

In "Power Play with the Casagrandes", it was revealed he likes being a child, but is ashamed of this, so he doesn't do this, when someone is watching.

As shown in "Walk Don't Run" and "Monster Cash", Carl is quite greedy as he likes getting money by conning people.




  • Carl is named after one of Chris Savino's brothers.
  • Carl's freeloading characteristics would be roughly copied with Top Cat and possibly Loopy De Loop for Hanna-Barbera Productions.
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