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Jokes and puns
~ Carlos's catchphrase.

Carlos Ramón (born February 3rd, 1985) is one of the main protagonists in the animated children's series The Magic School Bus. He is the class clown who is always known for making a pun or joke about the situation they are in. He is a hands-on learner, preferring to invent different devices rather than learn from a book, making him something of a foil to Dorothy Ann. He tends to tell bad jokes and puns, which causes the class to groan "Carlos!" in annoyance.

He is voiced by Daniel DeSanto, in the reboot, he is voiced by Leke Maceda-Rustecki, in the adult, he is voiced by Caleb Clark, and in the Japanese dub from the series, he is voiced by Mari Mashiba.


Carlos unintentionally drives Phoebe to start her own activist group called Students Against Desert Scarcity in "All Dried Up" after he goes on about how any animals in the desert would be suffering in the heat and from a lack of food and water. He tries to convince her through the whole trip that the animals are doing fine without her, but it's not until after a flood that she realizes he was right. In "In the Haunted House," he builds an instrument for the class' concert at the Sound Museum, but unfortunately, it sounds "ploopy."

Once he figures out what's making it sound that way, he makes it sound right. He leads the rest of the class in baking a cake for Ms. Frizzle in " Gets Ready, Set, Dough." He and Phoebe butt heads once again, somewhat, in "Goes to Seed." He's irritated with her for not having a plant in her class garden plot, as they're supposed to get their photo taken to be on the cover of Plant It! magazine (and "get famous"). He is also irritated with her into embarrassed about being seen by her old teacher Mr. Seedplot.

Upon hearing that there's a new island that had yet to be discovered, Carlos and Dorothy Ann race to sees whom would discovers it first ("Blows Its Top"). He's convinced in "The Busasaurus" that dinosaurs are "the biggest and meanest animals that ever lived!" He'd love to see the "fighting and slaughtering," but he changes his tune when Arnold and Phoebe are gone, now paranoid that "the dinos did them in!" His brother, Mikey, makes his first appearance in "Getting Energized" when he calls him to help the class get their ride at the fair to work.

Carlos eventually revealing he has arachnophobia in "Spins a Web," which Phoebe helps him to be overcome. He butts heads with Dorothy Ann (again) in "Makes a Rainbow" when they get into a fight over color. Carlos gets his another chance to debate in town hall over the proposal of a new mega mall in "Gets Swamped." He wants to argue for the mall, but he loses a coin toss to Janet, so now he has to argue against the mall. In "Makes a Stink," he tries to find the perfect scent for the class to present to Flora Whiff, a smell expert, but the mothball he brings is accidentally crushed by Janet.

Mikey makes his second appearance in "Gets Programed" when Carlos asks for his help getting Mr. Rhule's new computer set up.


  • Nickname:None
  • Fave Color: Blue (🔵).
  • Fave Subject: Science (🧪).
  • Fave Food:Italian (especially Spaghetti).
  • Fave Animal:Rat (🐁) and Mammoths (because they're mammoth!
  • Birthday:February 3rd
  • Fave Superhero:Boy H2O
  • Fave Movie:Animal Movies.
  • Star Sign:Aquarius (♒)


Carlos is a Hispanic boy with black hair and brown eyes, in Rides Again he has dark brown hair.

Signature Color

  • Blue(Seasons 1-4)
  • Yellow(All Seasons)
  • Red(Season 5-present)

Voice by

  • Daniel Desanto (Seasons 1-4)
  • Leke Maceda Rustecki (Season 5-present)


Carlos Meet the Class.webp

  • It's revealed in Meet the Class that Carlos is from Venezuela.
  • In every dub and Rides Again, his name stays as Carlos.
  • He is the only student with a diacritic in his name. In Spanish an acute accent placed with a syllable to show stress. In this case, "Mon" in Ramon is.
  • His name would be Anglicized by Charles.
  • The first flip coin he ever lost to Janet(Gets Swamped).
  • In Tim's comics, known as Boy H20(Battle For Rock Mountain).
  • He and his antics became the subject of an internet meme, with screen caps, image macros, and/or images created by Adobe Photoshop of him being used in association with word play humor on 4chan and several other sites.
  • He has arachnophobia.
  • Although he makes a lot of puns, there are some episodes in which he doesn't make puns like Kids in Space', Reving Up or in In the Arctic.
  • He, like Arnold, is also a "girl magnet". He is shown to have a crush on Dorothy Ann in Blows it's Top and Gets Ready, Set, Dough, with Wanda in Carlos Gets the Sneezes, and with Keesha in In the Zone.
  • Carlos is the first major character whose sibling was revealed (Mikey). The second being Dorothy Ann (Evan), and the third being Wanda(William).
  • Carlos is one of the students that have 6 letters in their English name, the others being Arnold, Keesha and Phoebe.
    • He also has six letters in his name in all languages that are written using Latin alphabet.
    • For other alphabets, he has six letters in his Greek and Russian names and four katakana characters to spell out his Japanese name.
  • Carlos is the second student to have a deep voice, the first being Tim, and the third being Ralphie.
  • Carlos has non-White race, the others are Tim, Jyoti and Wanda.
  • He and Arnold are the only students that have the same allergy.
  • Gets Ants in it's Pants, shows that he is left-handed, Like Phoebe (in the same episode) and Wanda.
  • He, Tim, Keesha and Wanda are the tallest kids in the class.
  • Carlos' mother didn't appear in the series, however, she was mentioned in The Good, the Bad, and the Gnocchi.
  • Carlos is one of the students to have one of their parents appear in an episode, the others being Wanda, Ralphie Tennelli and Phoebe.
  • Carlos is the only student who is Latino or Hispanic.
    • John and Carmen do not count, both being book-exclusives.
  • Carlos is the only major character not to change voice actors in the series. Daniel DeSanto spent the entire original series voicing him. In Rides Again, Leke Maceda-Rustecki is his current voice as of now.
  • Carlos' signature colors for his special suits are Red and Blue/Yellow.


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