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Carl!, Did you use all my hair product again?!
~ Carlota Casagrande

Carlota Casagrande is a supporting character in The Loud House, and a main character in The Casagrandes who first appeared in "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos".

She is voiced by Alexa PenaVega.



Carlota's the oldest, and only daughter, of the four Casagrande kids, similar to how Lincoln's the only boy of the eleven Loud siblings (although Lincoln's the middle child).

The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos

Around the time Ronnie Anne and Bobby reached the Casagrande residence, Carlota was having a fight with her younger brother, Carl, over the fact that Carl used her hair product without her permission. After their fight is interrupted by their mother, Frida, who mistakes them for playing sweetly together, the two fix their hair and walk away, still angry at each other. Afterwards, Carlota is seen carrying a pile of clothes while her dad is reading off facts from his book, she tells him that he isn't supposed to be doing "professor stuff", but he assures her that it isn't for work, it's for fun. A moment later, Carlota starts arguing about where they should hang the welcoming banners for Bobby and Ronnie Anne's arrival. After C.J. notices Bobby, she, along with the rest of her family, greets the Santiago family. At the feast, Carlota can briefly be seen with her youngest brother, Carlitos, the two appear to be having a good time. After Hector, Bobby, Carlos, C.J. and Carl leave to go to the Bodega, Ronnie Anne wants to join them, but is stopped by Carlota, who doesn't think she should go to the "boring bodega" and instead takes her to get a makeover. She reveals that she bought dresses for Ronnie Anne at a local thrift store, and even bought matching pairs so they could match. Ronnie Anne tries to politely convince Carlota that it isn't her style, but Carlota interrupts her by spraying her with perfume, to "cover up the mothball smell". Afterwards, Frida takes a picture of the two, saying they already look like sisters, much to Ronnie Anne's confusion. Carlota then decides to wax her legs, to get her mind off what Frida just said. Later, after Ronnie Anne just finished eating a meal prepared by Rosa, Carlota decides she should pierce Ronnie Anne's ears, though quickly changes her mind to belly button. Although she got in an argument with Rosa and Frida, as soon as The Dream Boat began airing, she, along with the entire Casagrande family, plus Bobby, rushed towards the living room to watch it, to which she remarks that "Karen" should send Brock overboard, since he has no style. After Ronnie Anne goes to the bathroom to get some along time, Carlota barges in, informing her that "Blaine" walked the plank. The next day, after Lori and Lincoln arrive at the Casagrande residence, Ronnie Anne pulls aside Carlota and ask her to do a make over. Carlota assumes that Ronnie Anne is referring to giving her a make over, which prompts Carlota to say that she's going to throw away Ronnie Anne's clothes, since no one would want them, even if she did donate them. Now annoyed, Ronnie Anne tells Carlota that she wants her to give Lori a make over, not herself, which leads to Carlota trying to take her words back, even saying that Ronnie Anne has a unique, "rugged" look. Despite the misunderstanding, Carlota goes along and gives Lori a huge make over. Later, Carlota picks out a selection of hoodies for Ronnie Anne and hangs them up in her new room as a welcoming gift. This, along with the other heartfelt presents convinced Ronnie Anne that she wanted to stay with the Casagrande's. Only moments later, as the Casagrande residence get's attacked by the gang of cats, Carlota assist Rosa in trying to knock away the cats with brooms, but gets chased off by the cats instead. Once Maria traps the cats in another room, she starts to laugh at the cake falling on Ronnie Anne, though not in a condescending way, but in a friendly way.

City Slickers

The Casagrandes are getting ready for Lincoln and Lori's visit to the city, and Carlota searches for Ronnie Anne (who is hiding from her) to try out one of her dresses. Carlota later helps dress up Lori for her time visiting downtown.


She has a lot in common with Leni, such as caring about fashion and appearance; unlike Leni however, she isn't ditzy. She's into makeovers like Lola, and loves to try and get Ronnie Anne to change her appearance. She appears to be a kind person, showing sisterly love towards Ronnie Anne, and is generally friendly around her family, as well as Lincoln, but gets agitated when her brother Carl gets into her cosmetics. She was also shown to be a charitable person, as she apparently donates clothes she no longer wears. She seems to be good with kids, as she was seen having a good time walking with Carlitos, her youngest brother, and showed eagerness to babysit Adelaide Chang.


Carlota is a plus-sized Latin American teenage girl with two pairs of eyelashes, and long black hair, with some strands styled into a ponytail. She wears golden circular earrings, magenta lipstick, a light seafoam dress with a white collar, two orange bracelets on each wrist, pink socks, and brown boots.



Bobby - They haven't interacted much on screen. In "Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes", Bobby gets his revenge on Ronnie Anne for all the times she pranked him by helping CJ, Carl and Carlitos turn her and Carlota's pranks against them. Despite never being on the girl's side, Carlota called him a "dirty double-crosser". After they finally catch on, they lure them into being sprayed with pickle juice and cover them in catnip, causing the gang of Street Cats to stampede into the building and attack the boys. In "Going Overboard" Carlota was annoyed by Bobby's dancing and singing to music he was listening to. In "Stress Test" Carlota tried to help Bobby defeat his study anxiety, so he would pass his tests at school. Her method was dressing him up properly for the occasion. After a haircut from Margarita, putting on a suit and finding the right pose, Bobby heads off. However when he returned, he failed the test again, because he didn't arrive to the test room in time.

Ronnie Anne - Carlota is the only girl from the family that treats Ronnie Anne like a little sister. She offered her in trying on new clothes and leg depilation, but Ronnie Anne didn't like any of them. In "The Spies Who Loved Me", Carlota and Carl follow Ronnie Anne nearby. In "Friended! with the Casagrandes", they work together to take down all the flyers advertising the apartment for rent. In "Power Play with the Casagrandes", she asks Carlota to go for a natural look rather than using a hair dryer and curler to save power. In "Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes", she and Carlota work together to prank their brothers and male cousins. By the end of the prank war, they finally get the chance to bond with one another. In "Lucha Fever with the Casagrandes", as she leaves with her family, Carlota tells Ronnie Anne to feel better, even though she's faking to be sick so she can stay at home. In "Operation Dad", she dresses Ronnie Anne to look like a punk rebel as well as getting her a haircut as a part of her plan to convince Arturo to stay in Great Lakes City. In "Trend Game", Carlota was excited when Ronnie Anne asked her to get her up to speed on all the latest trends and travel the city while taking pictures together. The next morning when her friends want to hang out with her, Carlota was unable to help due to live streaming with Sergio. She later texts to her cousin about a secret party at the abandoned subway tunnel, but ends up being a mistake when she meant to text there's a band in South Bay Tower. According to the conversations with Lincoln through video chat, Ronnie Anne likes it when Carlota paints her nails.

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Diego - ¿?



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