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Carlton Banks is the deuteragonist of the TV sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He is the cousin of Will Smith and often his rival, but most often his friend and partner in crime during their various escapades.

He is also Philip and Vivian's son, Hilary's younger brother, and Ashley and Nicky's older brother.

He was portrayed by Alfonso Ribeiro, who also played Roland Jackson in Extreme Ghostbusters.


He is known for being smart, sensitive, naive, and egotistical. He usually puts himself before everyone, with his family being no exception, often taking advantage of them or putting them down to further his own goals. A good example is when his sister Hilary, who was being blackmailed by Will, confided in Carlton, and instead of helping, he decided to blackmail her as well. However, in spite of being very selfish, Carlton loves his family, especially Will, who's like a brother to him.

Carlton has a high level of respect for his father, almost always taking his side. Even when Philip acts irrationally, Carlton will still usually agree with him. This nigh-mindless respect has been pointed out by Will, who accuses Carlton of being a suck-up, and not just with his father either. Carlton shamelessly admits that he's a suck-up, and many times uses this "skill" to inspire nepotism with his parents or authority figures when it suits him.

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