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I'll be seeing you soon... Ringtail.
~ Carmelita, to Sly Cooper, at the end of "Sly 2".

Inspector Carmelita Montoya Fox is the major supporting character as well as the love interest of Sly Cooper from the Sly Cooper game series. She was a member of Interpol who constantly chased after Sly Cooper and his gang. Some time after, Carmelita temporarily joined the Cooper Gang and helped Sly save the Cooper Clan through time. She's currently investigating Sly's whereabouts.

Though excellent in capturing everyday criminals, she had never been successful in capturing Sly or his gang. Carmelita was obsessive in her goal to capture Sly, which often led to her venting out her frustrations on her unfortunate criminal captives.

She is voiced by Roxana Ortega in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, Alesia Glidewell in Sly 2: Band of Thieves, Ruth Livier in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, and Grey DeLisle in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time and Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.

In Japanese dub from the game, she is voiced by Mie Sonozaki.


Physical appearance

Carmelita is a beautiful fox with brownish-orange fur, a mole under her left eye, and waist-length blue hair tied in a braid at shoulder level. Her outfit includes a dark blue midriff-baring corset-type top that zips in the front, form-fitting dark blue pants, and a choker which her Interpol badge hangs from. She wears a light brown leather jacket and yellow gloves. She wears a lone earring on her left ear. On her feet are long black boots.

In Sly 2 and Sly 3, Carmelita replaces her black shoes with brown combat-style boots and now wears lipstick that emphasizes her femininity.

In Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Carmelita's ensemble changes quite a bit. She now sports a bra top, dark blue miniskirt, a different style of boots, and her jacket's sleeves are now rolled up above her elbows.

She has worn other clothing during undercover missions and everyday life, including a long black ball gown with a split down the left side of the skirt, a red Chinese-style dress with a veil, and a short blue dress, among others.


Carmelita has a strong sense of justice. However, as noted by Neyla, her outlook on crime is very black and white, firmly believing that any lawbreaker must be brought to justice, regardless of how minor or major the infraction was. This is evident during his encounter with Sly at the Kunlun Mountains in China, believing he was involved in Panda King's crims and outright stated that all criminals are the same, and she even refuse to listen to Sly when the Panda King is manufacturing explosives. When he was captured by Clockwerk, Carmelita assumed that Sly was involved in. Dr. M even consider her transparent and narrow-minded when he claim he was killing Sly in self-defense after Carmelita declare he was going to murder Sly, which was true on Carmelita's part. Pursuing this vision with her shock pistol, Carmelita was extremely rigid in her view and pursued all criminals with equal determination, from murderers to jaywalkers to thieves, extending to Sly and his gang. Both she and Sly have repressed romantic feelings for each other and their relationship was portrayed rather ambiguously throughout the series until the conclusion.

Despite believing any criminal should be brought to justice, Carmelita acts justly to her captives, as evident when she offers Murray a bag of jelly beans during his captivity and ensures that he is comfortable in his makeshift cell. Even Sly remarked that she isn't as cruel as the Contessa. This is also shown during her confrontation with Dr. M by negotiating with after he releases Sly go, demonstrating she can reasoned with to a degree. The Contessa also stated, as from reading her psychological, that Carmelita is honest. Carmelita is very devoted to her line of work, and must keep her emotions under control in order to keep her temper in check. Determined as she is, Carmelita is also relentless, as she is constantly in pursuit pf Sly and his gang to arrest to the point tracking them far and wide to the ends of the Earth. In her pursuit, Carmelita gets stumbled in almost every criminal organization whenever she is after Sly or not.

It can be said her determination in capturing Sly is also obsessive as she tends to get sidetracked with everything that's around her. Her constant pursuit of Sly has also got her into complications that lead to her life being put in danger. This happened when Clockwerk captured her in an attempt to trap Sly. When Carmelita was pursuing Sly while also taking down the Klaww Gang, Neyla framed her as being part in league with him and labeling her as a fugitive from the law. The Contessa remarked that due to her pursuit of Sly it would lead Carmelita to know the Contessa was a member of the Klaww Gang and took the chance to take Carmelita in so she could brainwash her into taking the fall at INTERPOL. Carmelita was under the control of the Mask of Dark Earth after catching up to Sly and his gang. Dr. M attempted to shoot at Carmelita which made Sly take the hit for her. She was even used as bait by Sheriff Toothpick to capture Sly and his gang, and again by Le Paradox to obtain Sly's cane.

Even when her work is focused on somebody else, criminals do recongize her as a threat as Octavio send the Blue Vipers to take her out. During those moments, Sly and his gang had to come to her rescue, such as against Clockwerk, Neyla, the Blue Vipers, Toothpick, and Le Paradox. Sly even had to turn himself in to clear Carmelita's name as a fugitive. Ironically, in return, Carmelita would occasionally help out the Cooper Gang, such as taking down Clockwerk, Neyla/Clock-La, Dr. M and his genetic monsters. Sly even remarked the irony that Carmelita would put a stop to Clockwerl's reign of terror on the Cooper Clan.

Carmelita has been seen to enjoy regular day-to-day activities when off duty, such as viewing art galleries, listening to music and buying boots.

Although Carmelita obsesses over trying to arrest Sly, she does harbor some respect for him and more, though she can't really admit it to herself. She even once mentioned that it was a shame that Sly was working on the other side of the law.

Carmelita has also developed feelings for the Cooper Ancestors. She finds Tennessee Kid Cooper as a handsome and charming gentleman after he saved her life. She finds Sir Galleth Cooper to be charming and goodhearted despite of his headstrong goof. She gotten attentions from Salim Al-Kupar even in her belly dance.


Carmelita is shown to be an excellent combatant and very capable in a fight. She has impressive acrobatic skills, capable of matching Sly in agility and speed. She also possesses great balance, given that in her chases, she always manages to prevent herself from plummeting down near fatal landings (such as near the edges of high buildings or mountain peaks). Carmelita can also leap higher altitudes than Sly to compensate her inability to climb/spire jump/rail walk and is incredibly adept at using her Shock Pistol. She seems to have a great deal of lower body strength, given her jumping abilities and the fact that she's shown delivering kicks that can send even the burliest of Flashlight Guards flying. She also has a strong force of will, being able to fight off the Contessa's hypnosis (which was also being powered by the Clockwerk Eyes, increasing the Contessa's abilities). Sly himself complimented her skills when Bentley expressed concern for her ability to go one-on-one with Muggshot.

In Thieves in Time, she can also change the type of ammo: default pistol, auto fire, charge fire, stunning ammo and triple fire. In addition, she is amazingly good at belly dancing, which she used reluctantly to distract the guards while Sly, Salim and the gang opened the vault.  



Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus

The Adventures of Sly Cooper Issue 1

Sly 2:  Band of Thieves

The Adventures of Sly Cooper Issue 2

Sly 3:  Honor Among Thieves

Sly Cooper:  Thieves in Time


You can't escape me raccoon!
~ Carmelita to Sly during the conclusion of the Prologue of Sly 1
I'll find you, Cooper!
~ Carmelita to Sly during the conclusion of the prologue of Sly 2
That's ride, hide in the sewers like the rat you are!
~ Carmelita to Sly during the conclusion of the first mission of episode 1 of Sly 3
No one hurts my criminal!
~ Carmelita to Dr. M. at the end of Sly 3
~ Carmelita to Sly during the conclusion of the prologue of Sly 4


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