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Hero Overview

Carol West is Patrick and Lois' younger sister and daughter of Carter and Barbara Pewterschmidt from Family Guy. She first appeared in "Emission Impossible". In this episode, Lois and Peter Griffin take a trip to her house because her eighth husband, Ted, left her while she was pregnant with their son who she gives birth to later on in this episode. However, her son is never seen again after this episode, not even during Thanksgiving dinner at the Griffin family household. Unlike her father she likes Peter, and thinks he is humorous. She was voiced by Carol Kane in this appearance.

She is first mentioned in "Wasted Talent" when Peter reveals that he can make dirty calls to her when he's drunk.

In "The Fat Guy Strangler", she's seen in an old family photo as a little girl on a trike. In the commentary for the episode, it is mentioned they've "never done something with [her]", meaning either they had forgotten or did not count her appearance in "Emission Impossible".

She was mentioned in "Boys Do Cry", when the Griffins had to stay at her Texas home when on the run. At the time, she was on her ninth honeymoon.

Carol married Mayor Adam West in "Brothers & Sisters" and briefly moved in with her sister. This time, she is currently voiced by Julie Hagerty.

Mayor West and Carol appear at the Griffin Home in "Thanksgiving" for dinner. They can also be seen together as Stewie rides under Brian's car in "Family Guy Viewer Mail No. 2".

Carol cheats on Mayor West with another Mayor in "Valentine's Day in Quahog", nut West fights to win her back, despite another possible affair with Mayor McCheese.

Carol and Mayor West attended Brian's funeral in "Life of Brian". She also appears at Peter's imagined funeral in "#JOLO".

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