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Caroline is a character from Metal Slug.


A young mechanic within the Ptolemaic Army. She dresses in a manner similar to Dragunov, with the addition of a scarf alongside her engineering gloves and goggles. She first appeared to help Yoshino during MSA's Flying Ace event.

In battle she is accompanied by the "F-502 ShootingRay", a scale model of an aerial Ptolemaic boss encountered by the Regular Army commandos during Metal Slug 5. The smaller ShootingRay is remote controlled, and she directs its attacks using a modified NeoGeo Pocket.

Caroline is teasingly referred to as "the Mechageek" by Yoshino, though she doesn't seem to mind.

She's often a troublemaker, as Dragunov finds it rather hard to babysit her because of her admiration of machines and her determination to get them. She does have some influence in the army, as she managed to convince her to spare Towa because of her similar mechanic skills.

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