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Heroine Overview

Jesus watches from the wall, but His face is cold as stone. And if He loves me - as she tells me - why do I feel so all alone?
~ Words of Carrie White (describing both the crucified Jesus statuette in Margaret White's Prayer Closet and her loneliness in her poem/journal).
Everyone isn't bad, Mama! Everything isn't a sin!
~ Carrie White to her mother Margaret in Carrie (1976).
Does everyone think they can go on playing tricks on me?
~ Carrie White in Carrie (2002).
The other kids they- they think I'm weird, but I don't wanna be, I have to try and be a whole person before it's too late.
~ Carrie White in Carrie (2013).

Carietta N. White, also better known as simply "Carrie White", is the titular protagonist of Stephen King's controversial first horror novel Carrie written and published in 1974. In the introduction to the book, King states that the character of Carrietta White was based off of two real girls who he knew in his adolescent years while in grade school. Both girls were bullied to death and were the inspiration for King's novel. Carrie is the main anti-villain of the story. She is the tortured soul turned murderous villain whom the third party can root for with guilty pleasure. The true villains who are strictly the antagonists throughout the entire plot are her worst enemy Chris Hargensen, the sociopathic and popular school bully with a wealthy lawyer father, and her severely mentally ill mother Margaret White, a religious and abusive fundamentalist.

She is portrayed by actress Sissy Spacek in the classic 1976 film, Angela Bettis (and Jodelle Ferland as a child) in the 2002 made-for-TV movie, Chloe Grace Moretz in the 2013 remake and in the original 1988 musical by stage singer and performer Linzi Hately. She is considered a heroine by the act of having punished her tormentors. In contrast with the novel, Carrie is shown as much more charismatic and beautiful in the film versions.


Carrie (1976 film)

Carrie has been bullied her whole life at school because of how different she was and how socially awkward and unpopular she was. Two bullies, Chris and Billy, torment her. They pick on her for the slightest of misdemeanours. Carrie finally snaps when the principal forgets her name "Cassie" and then she explodes his water glass in fury. She is, unlikely, elected Prom Queen along with her date Tommy being Prom King. But, Chris, who killed a pig (while imagining the pig was Carrie and dreaming of herself killing Carrie) and collected the blood in a bucket, killed Tommy when Carrie got elected Queen. The bucket fell on Tommy and killed him. Carrie then got laughed at (due to being drenched in pig's blood) and unleashed her powers. She began electrocuting people and flooding the room. Everyone perished one by one while Carrie just calmly opened the doors and left as the place caught aflame. Carrie got her revenge on Chris and Billy and then burned the town to bits, but survivors rebuilt the place.

Carrie (2002 remake)

In the 2002 made for TV movie starring Angela Bettis in the lead role was not a remake in a sense, but a more faithful adaption of the novel. The theme of the school prom is kept "Spring time in Veinna" like Stephen King originally picked.

After the prank is pulled on Carrie, she suffers a complete blackout, therefore she is not truly aware of her surroundings and what she is doing. She subconsciously goes on a catatonic tantrum of destruction at the school and the town of Chamberlain that ends when she reaches her home to wash all the blood off in the bathtub. Only after reaching it and putting herself in water she recovers her awareness of the world around her. Shortly afterwards Carrie's mother tries to drown her in a overflowing bathtub after the Prom. She stops her mother's heart for good and kills her in self- defense. She nearly dies because of the murder attempt, but she is later found by Sue, who was looking for her. She manages to revive her and then she hid her away in a hiding place bringing her food and drink to survive. After waiting until things would cool down Carrie moves to Florida to start a new life, and disappear forever thanks to the help of Sue who drives her halfway out of guilt and compassion.

Carrie was kept alive in this TV movie version because the movie was meant to have a Television series follow after it, where Carrie helps other teenagers who are also telekinetic. The TV show pilot was never shot due to the TV movie having low ratings and the series was therefore eventually cancelled and never made (probably for the better).

Carrie (2013 remake)

Carrie is a social outcast who lives with her religious extremist mother, Margaret and is tormented by the local teenagers at her school. When Carrie has a period in the shower, the bullies film this and mercilessly torment her. Through a string of unlikely events, she ends up getting Prom Queen, but Chris Hargensen rigged up the prom to show humiliating footage of Carrie bleeding and panicking in the shower. Chris drops the buckets of pigs blood and then kills Tommy, Carrie's date. Chris and her boyfriend Billy flee the scene. But then Carrie spins round and sees who did it. She furiously unleashes her demonic powers, pushing everyone back to the back of the auditorium and locking the doors. She begins killing people with her powers, levitating fiery pendulums and electrocuting students and crushing teachers alongside students. Carrie mercilessly goes on a fiery rampage throughout Chamberlain. She smashes up the street, causing an earthquake in her attempts to get after Chris and Billy. She finally blows up their car, killing Billy, then when Chris tries to run her over, Carrie kills Chris by slamming the car into Teddy's gas station, incinerating Chris. She kills her mother and is comforted by Sue. Carrie forgives her and spares her. Carrie apparently dies and the town is in ruins though the final scene of the movie implies she is still alive. The town was not in ruins, but it was in the deleted scene and that cut that scene out and it was never mentioned. 

Powers and abilities


  • Telekinesis: Carrie's main power is telekinesis, a very powerful ability to move objects or persons by the force of her mind alone. She has demonstrated her power for many actions: blowing up light bulbs, blowing up her bed, levitating pipes, closing doors and more. Angry, Carrie's telekinesis greatly increases her ability to act on her environment, and at full power she is able to kill dozens of people easily and lift a car.
    • Levitating: Carrie demonstrated the power to float her own body as she attacked students at the ball.
  • Telepathy: Carrie is also endowed with telepathic powers that include mind reading, mind projection and mind manipulation. She was able to generate an increasingly strong weird sensation in Tommy's head, and even more impressive, she was able to spread her name, and what she looked like in everyone's head in a certain radius. Later she shouts her name into Billy and Chris' head, and later starts a telepathic conversation with Sue. 




  • She shares a similarity to It and a doctor who is the villain in The Pied Piper. They are all telekinetic.
  • She is not killed in the second adaptation and it is hinted that she lives in the 2013 adaptation as well. That was just a rumor and she did die in the end. 
  • In the 2013 remake, Carrie White mentioned that she inherited her telekinetic power from either her father Ralph, or from her great-grandmother Sadie Cochran, was the mother of Judith Cochran, the mother-in-law of John Brigman, the grandmother of Margaret Brigman. Sadie, like her great-granddaughter, was telekinetic. She died of heart failure at the age of 66, possibly from straining herself with her own power.
  • Despite having psychic powers, Carrie White can be classified as a non-genetic class Metahuman/Superhuman/Superpowered Human/Homo Superior.
  • She was killed by her mother who immediately got killed by a heart attack via Carrie's telekinesis and brought back to life by her best friend Sue Snell in the second adaptation (2002) and it is hinted that she lives in the 2013 that was just a rumor and adaptation as well when cracks appear on her gravestone in the closing sequence.
  • In the 2013 film adaption Carrie was born in 1995 and died in 2013 meaning the film is set in 2013.
  • Carrie saves Miss Desjardin and Sue Snell from dying in the 2013 film.
  • In the 2013 film adaption, when Carrie tells Sue that her baby is a girl (conceived by both Sue and Tommy Ross) and saves her life from the destruction of her house, it is possible that Carrie now treats Sue as a friend.

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