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Carter-A259 is the leader of Noble Team from the Halo franchise-- more specifically, the video game Halo: Reach.


Carter is a tall male human with fairly white skin, black hair and blue eyes, who is a SPARTAN-III, the third generation of Spartans.

Carter in his armor

His SPARTAN-III armor was blue.


His personality is calm and reassuring, always staying calm under the most dire of circumstances, and he is said to be a natural-born leader. He is said to have all the right traits that make a great leader. However, following the death of Thom-A293, he felt great guilt, and it may have affected his confidence. Much like other team leaders in other franchises, he hates completing a mission at the expense of losing a comrade. But despite all the emotional and physical struggles he's witnessed in his life, he is more than willing to give his life for the UNSC. He is able to contain his grief to himself following the death of his teammates.


On their mission to protect the planet Reach, Noble Team lands on the planet and investigates a communications blackout. It is then discovered that Covenant forces have already landed on the planet. They soon went to a place called SWORD Base, an office of naval intelligence.

Throughout the events of Halo: Reach, Carter led Noble Team in multiple operations against Covenant forces, including the assault on the "Long Night of Solace", a super powerful ship that Noble Team prioritized because they knew of its threat to life on the planet. Kat comes up with a plan to use a makeshift slipspace bomb to destroy the huge ship. However, Jorge was left on the ship to activate the bomb without any way to escape. Jorge stayed behind to destroy the ship, having died in the process.

Following their mission to destroy the supercarrier, which was a gruelling success, they escorted civilians out of New Alexandria. They succeeded in evacuating the citizens, but on their way to the bunker to save themselves from annihilation, Kat was sniped in the visor by a Sanghelli on board a Phantom. Carter witnessed the death of two teammates so far: Jorge and Kat.

Prior to the events of the game, Thom-A293 had been killed, and he knew that things were not looking so good for him and his team. There were only 3 men standing: himself, Noble Six, and Emile (Jun was nowhere to be seen). His final mission-- to deliver the package, which was the AI Cortana to the Pillar of Autumn (a UNSC ship), took place while an innumerous number of Covenant aliens barraged Reach. He ended up sacrificing himself for the success of his comrades, his last words: "You're on your own Noble. Carter out" as he crashes his piloted ship into a severe threat that the team didn't have the firepower to defeat. The threat that he sacrificed himself to defeat was a Scarab.

Carter: Noble! You got a... situation.
Emile: Mother...
Emile: We can get past it, sir!
Carter: No, you can't... not without help.
Emile: Commander, you don't have the firepower!
Carter: I've got the mass.
Emile: Solid copy. Hit 'em hard, boss
Carter: You're on your own, Noble. Carter out.
~ Carter sacrifices himself for the cause

Posthumously, his sacrifice contributed to the success of the mission, but in the end, Noble Six and Emile died as well.


  • His rank as a Spartan is Commander
  • An Xbox 360 Avatar Award of Carter's helmet is unlocked by completing any mission of Halo: Reach on Legendary without dying
  • Carter is the only member of Noble Team that never works in a duo with Noble Six during the events of the game.
  • In the game files of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversay, there is a file that says "Master Chief's Face". It is a game texture that when digitally wrapped around the mold of the character's face, the weird looking stretched out face will look like a face on the character. However, instead of being for Master Chief-- it is actually for Carter. There is no revealed reason for this mysterious code, and it was likely added into the game secretly during production.


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