Things are about to get kinda gross.
~ Carter

Carter is one of the character is the MMO The Secret World. She is an introverted teenager born with psychokanisis and trained as a mage through-out her life. She is currently a studdent at Innsmouth Accademy under the caring hands of Annabel Usher and the watchful eye of Hayden Montag.


Carter was psychokinetic at birth, her parents quickly learned there was something off about her. With no on to train her, her powers manifested at seemingly random times through-out her life. Matters only became worse when she started attending school. Once circulated through the public school system several parties became aware of her, including the anarchistic monks of The Dragon and the Orochi Corporation, however it was the Illuminati who beat all others to making introductions with Carter. Representatives from the Illuminati quickly offered to pay for Carter's education and appoint specially trained staff to keep her and those around her safe. Carter's parents realistically could not continue looking after her and had known so for some time and so after counseling with Carter over the proposal, Carter and her parents agreed to go with the Illuminati. Towards her high-school years, Carter was sent to Solomon Island's famous prep-school, Innsmouth Academy. Innsmouth was the island's only school and as it was private most of the island's children had to commute inland just to get schooling. Carter being permitted into the illustrious and secretive academy served to single her out among the other children on the isle with exception of a boy named Danny Dufresne, who had been suspicious about the academy for years and was open to new and different people.

Carter and Danny became friends quickly even though they did not go to the same schools and before long Danny uncovered Carter's secret. Apart from fearing Carter, Danny was excited to see the sort of things she could do, though by his accounts, she usually refuses to make a scene with her abilities if she could help it. Due to at least unfortunate prom-night Carter learned to repress her powers. At the academy, she quickly learned there were many children who were magically imbued and Innsmouth had been set up to train them all in secret, though even there Carter was shown to naturally have the level of power far above the rest. Headmaster Montag in particular took Carter under his wing, as her unstable powers and thirst for knowledge had reminded Montag of his own difficulties growing, though in his case, with no one to teach him, he had accidentally killed several people, including his mother. While Carter came to appreciate Innsmouth greatly, she had always felt the pressure of what was expected of her combined with her need to keep her powers from getting out of her control.

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