The Casagrande Family is the titular family of The Casagrandes. They consist two grandparents, their son and daughter, the wife of their son and their four kids as well as the two kids of their daughter, who is currently a single mother (or so it's thought) and also two pets.


Hector Casagrande and Rosa got married and had two kids; Carlos and Maria and they raised their kids in an apartment building in Great Lakes City. Hector provided for the family by running a bodega in the building. Maria grew up and got married to Arturo Santiago, which she had two kids with, Ronnie Anne and Bobby Santiago.

Eventually, she got divorced/separated from him (or so it's thought) because he got a job, which required him to travel around the world to help animals, so Maria kept the kids and moved to a suburban house in Royal Woods. Meanwhile, Carlos got married to Frida Puga and they had four kids. Carlota, CJ, Carlino and Carlitos, and they lived in the apartment with Rosa and Hector for the rest of their lives. Eventually, Maria and the Santiago kids moved back into the apartment with the rest of the family and they're staying that way, at least for now.


Casagrande Family

  • Rosa Casagrande - A big fat old Mexican lady, who is obsessed with cooking food and making massive meals for the family. She loves making delicious Mexican dishes and basically whips up an entire buffet just for a little snack. She usually throws shoes at people who give her trouble, mostly Carlino for breaking the rules. It's clear that she wears the pants in her relationship with Hector.
  • Hector Casagrande - A big fat stupid old man, who louses around on the couch and farts a lot. He pays the bills by running the family bodega as his job. He also plays music on his guitar, as is his talent.
  • Carlos Casagrande - A nerdy and scientific, bibliophile, who is fascinated by literally everything and always has an interesting and witty fun fact about a certain subject although not everybody finds this interesting. He used to be a professional skateboarder in his college years but has then since retired, after getting himself injured one too many times.
  • Frida Puga Casagrande - An artistic woman and photoscribe, who takes pictures of everything and indulges in all kinds of art from painting to sculpting to, of course, photography. She also needs to control her emotions, as she cries her eyes out over everything.
  • Carlota Casagrande - A fashionable girl, who loves dressing up and acting fancy. She runs her own livestream on the internet, where she gives makeup tutorials. She is very popular and on top of things, knowing all the latest trends.
  • CJ Casagrande - A crazy and imaginative boy, who likes to play pretend, pretending to be things like superheros and pirates.
  • Carlino Casagrande - A kidanova wannabe, who tries to act all suave and smooth, only to embarrass himself by falling flat on his face and exposing his chuggy chuggy choo choo undies, revealing that he's actually a complete wimp who doesn't hold a candle to the man he wants to be. He also tries to make up little schemes to steal people's money, which almost always blow up in his face.
  • Carlitos Casagrande - A baby boy, who imitates other people's hand movements.

Santiago Family

  • Ronnie Anne Santiago - The 11-year-old main protagonist of the series, and former recurring character on The Loud House, before getting the spin-off. She is a wicked cool skateboarder, who likes to hang out and have fun with her friends. She is very rough and tumble and ready to take on whatever life has to throw at her. She is actually a very nice and friendly little girl, contrary to what she started off as in her root series, and is always trying to help out her friends and family with their problems. She is good with leadership skills and can often get her family out of sticky situations. However, she's still very young and clearly has some growing up to do. She makes her mistakes and unwise decisions and occasionally even gets herself in trouble but she's able to fix things up quickly and make up for it, while still being a pretty cool girl forever and always.
  • Bobby Santiago - The 16-year-old deurotagonist of the series. He is an oafish teenage boy, who helps Hector with running the bodega. He is also very talkative to his long distance girlfriend, Lori Loud from The Loud House, who he's always talking on the phone to.
  • Maria Santiago - The mother of Bobby and Ronnie Anne. She works as a medical doctor and usually does some very disgusting things. She is an overall well-put-together woman but if she doesn't get her morning coffee, she tends to go a little loopy.


  • Sergio - The wise-cracking pet parrot of the family, who's always running his beak and saying things to insult, offend, and embarrass the family members. He also causes the family trouble with his little antics, which really gets people really mad at him. He is arguably one of the more villainous members of the family. He enjoys hanging out with the other birds in the city, such as the pigeons like Sancho, and his ostrich girlfriend at the zoo, Priscilla. He is especially obnoxious to Bobby so Ronnie Anne generously had Sergio sleep in her room so that he wouldn't torment Bobby. Ronnie Anne usually wears Sergio out by sending him flying in circles until he finally passes out and falls asleep.
  • Lalo - The big, dumb, stupid pet dog of the family. He is an extremely heavy dog always jumping around and tackling people and licking them and usually farts from time to time. He is especially annoying to Ronnie Anne.


  • Arturo Santiago - The ex-husband; of Maria and father of Bobby and Ronnie Anne. He works as a round-the-world veterinarian, who takes care of the sick and injured animals of children in all four corners of the planet. As of "Operation Dad", Arturo finally moved back into Great Lakes City so he could live closer to the family and stay permanently with them.
  • Lupe Casagrande - The great grandmother of Ronnie Anne and the mother of Rosa Casagrande. She is a big ugly old grouchy Mexican lady, who acts really stupid and obnoxious. She feels as though everybody in the family has to constantly indulge in their Mexican culture or else they're being blasphemous or unfaithful to the family. However, she is guilty of having strayed from the cultural roots several times.
  • Lazaro Casagrande - The dead great grandfather of Ronnie Anne and the father of Rosa Casagrande. He wore a big sombrero, played bowling ball, and ate enchiladas all his life and then he died. His ghost still haunts the apartment.




  • Their family name literally translates to "The Big Houses" in Spanish, which is what they live in.



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