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Casey is a recurring hero from The Casagrandes. He is the African-American friend of Ronnie Anne Santiago, and is usually seen with Nikki, Sameer, and to a lesser extent, Laird. He likes to skate on his blue skateboard and ride his green bicycle.

He is voiced by Christian Simon.

Heroic Acts

  • In "Operarion Dad", Casey, Nikki, and Sameer helped Ronnie Anne convince her dad to stay with her in Great Lakes City. He dressed up as a punk and pretended to be a troubled kid, who beat up Sameer.
  • In "Trend Game", Casey, Nikki, Sameer, Sid and Ronnie Anne escaped the subway, after being swarmed by a plague of horrid filthy sewer rats.
  • In "Team Effort", Casey assisted his friends (and Laird) in combating Coach Crawford and getting their skate club accepted into the school, despite his oppositions. When in detention, Casey and Laird worked together to scrape all the gum off the desks to get out.
  • In "Blunder Party", Casey and the others looked for Carl and Adelaide, when they went missing.
  • In "Fails From the Crypt", Casey spent a night in the graveyard with his friends to make sure they could make it through the night as part of a bet.

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