Casey kelp
Casey Kelp (voiced by B.J. Ward) – A light-pink-skinned, female Snork with reddish hair tied up into bunches by green hair bows. Usually wears a green midriff shirt and matching pants. Intelligent, brave, and kind-hearted. Casey will defend anyone, Snork or Sea Creature who she think that they are either getting picked on or who is in danger. Also pretty good at drawing. Once upset about her "giant" snork and goes out of her way to hide/shrink it. She is Allstar's love interest and Daffney's best friend. However, in season 4, in the episode "Snorkerella" Casey has a big crush on a star Snorkball player named Stevie and eventually becomes his date for the school prom, making her relationship with Allstar seem nonexistent; she also appears to have a crush on Junior that in the episode "The Day They Fixed Junior Wetworth" she kissed him.
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