Casey Wells is the main protagonist in the 1998 comedy-crime movie Thursday. He is a redeemed, former drug-dealer whose trying to make up from his criminal past by living a normal life.

He was portrayed by Thomas Jane.


Casey is trying to live a normal life with his wife Christine. But one day while she is working Casey gets a visit by his former partner-in-crime Nick. At first they seemed cool, but when Nick leaves a bag of drugs at Casey's house while doing some unfinished business, Casey gets frustrated and flushes it down the sink.

Later he gets multiple visits from thugs and criminals, including Ice, Dallas, Billy Hill and Kasarov whose either trying to get the drugs or money that Nick also left that Casey was unaware of.

When the corrupt cop Kasarov comes to visit, who is there for the money (that Nick apparently had stolen from) Casey decides to escape the country with his wife while the cops and some last criminals are searching his house.

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