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You already gave me the best present of all, a friend.
~ Casper to Holly

Casper is the titular main protagonist of the 2000 animated direct-to-video Christmas film, Casper's Haunted Christmas.

He is voiced by Branden Ryan Barrett who previously portrayed Casper's best friend, Chris Carson in the 1997 direct-to-video film, Casper: A Spirited Beginning.


At the beginning of the film, Casper was trying to stop his uncle: The Ghostly Trio from causing havoc by terrifying the local town citizen in a drive-in movie theater. They receive a visit from Kibosh and Snivel who informed them that Casper's scare rate is lowering due to his unwillingness to frighten other people, so both Casper and the Trio were threatened to spend eternity in the dark unless Casper purposely scares someone, and only have until Christmas day.

They were blasted through a canon, where Casper landed in a town called Kriss, Massachusetts where he land top of a girl's snowman she had just built, in which she has mistaken Casper to be an alive snowman. He decided to go along with it as she is not afraid of the concept. The girl's name was Holly Jollimore, and she doesn't seem to be too excited by the Christmas season, due to her parents overwhelming her with constant Christmas declarations. When Holly had to leave with her parents to go to a theater play, Casper asked if they could hang out when she gets back, to which she agreed.

The next morning, Casper woke up on the Jollimores' Santa Claus and found that his uncles were inside having breakfast with them. due to them being mistaken as actors in a ghost costume, and is upset that he can go in or else he'll blow his cover to reveal to Holly that he is not a snowman, and is a real ghost.

After Kibosh sent Snivel to watch over them and took away the Trio's haunting license, so they cannot scare anyone until Casper purposely does, the Trio took Casper around Kriss to have him purposely scare someone, but his good nature constantly gets in the way of it, and if the Trio does anything horrendous to Snivel, he'll blow the whistle to summon Kibosh.

Casper continues to hang with Holly as he struggles to know how long he can keep lying to Holly about being a snowman, while the Trio decided to call their other nephew Spooky to impersonate Casper to trick Snivel, as Spooky has proven to be the exact opposite of his cousin.

After Holly got into a fight with a Spooky impersonating Casper, she of course believes it to be him, tears up the Christmas card she was going to give him, and decided to no longer see him, which confused him at first, but when she demanded an explanation, he decided to tell her the truth, and end their friendship, but briefly return to give her a card while she's sleeping.

He runs into Spooky who fills him in on what's going on between him and the Trio, which ultimately led to the Trio deciding to steal Christmas. Realizing he was wrong for thinking that he let everyone down, Casper hatched up a plan to teach them a lesson, so Casper, Spooky, and Spooky's girlfriend: Poil, use the Jollimores' Santa Claus and have it be under the disguise of Kibosh to scare the Trio. After realizing that he has purposely scared someone, he used the Snivel whistle to summon Kibosh.

When the Trio realized that they were tricked by their nephews, they mistook the real Kibosh to be the puppet, they used to scare them and tossed him off. When they realized that it was Kibosh, Kibosh attempted to put them all including Spooky and Poil the dark, as Christmas morning has arrived and thought that Casper has failed his attempt, but Casper claimed that he has purposely scared the Ghostly Trio, which forces Kibosh Casper off the hook, while the Trio had to preformed a Christmas gift of torture to Kibosh after almost being caught with a scare attempt. After the Trio received back their haunting license, Kibosh and Snivel left, and the Jollimores decided to invite everyone in Kriss to have a Christmas Party.

Casper and Holly reconcile after she forgives him for lying to her, and give him the now taped card she tore up the night before and were about to kiss underneath the mistletoe, only to have their faces go through one another.


  • Casper is voiced by Branden Ryan Barrett who previously portrayed the character of Chris Carson in Casper: A Spirited Beginning.
  • Casper's likeness in this movie has also been used in both the DVD menu and more recent DVD/Blu ray box arts of the original 1995 film.
  • Casper has to scare one person a year intentionally; people running off just because he's a ghost doesn't count.


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