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Yeah, I think I'll be a good influence on the Ghostly Trio. (Chris: That's because your friendly Casper.) Hey, I like the sound of that. Casper, the Friendly Wrath. No. Casper, the Pleasant Poltergeist. (Chris: Uhh... lets just stick with Casper.) The Friendly Ghost.
~ Casper coming up with his signature title

Casper is the titular main protagonist of the live-action Saban direct-to-video Casper films: the 1997 film, Casper: A Spirited Beginning and it's 1998 sequel, Casper Meets Wendy.

He is voiced by Jeremy Foley.


Casper: A Spirited Beginning

Casper was inside of a ghost train with a giant skull in front of it, heading to the Ghost Central that is ruled by the evil ghoul: Kibosh. Casper seemed confused as he doesn't seem to know of his surroundings. He assumes that he is having a nightmare and tried to snap himself out of it but his hand fade through his head which caused him to panic.

Casper in the Ghostly Train.

He went towards a grumpy passenger wondering what has happen to him, but the passenger bushed him off. He went to another ghost passenger who was crying asking her where is the train going. She respond saying the processing station. He went to another passenger with spiking hair, who wears a trunk and sun glasses and asked him where is he. However, the passenger didn't like that Casper was in his space, so he threw Casper out of the train.

Casper getting thrown out of the train.

Casper landed to the side of the tracks yelling out "What are you trying to do, kill me?" He see that the train was about to get hit by a wall and tried to warn them but it fade through leaving Casper to wonder how it did that.

Casper unintentionally left the spirit world and enter into the world of the living. He ended up in a small town called Deedtowns and wandering around hoping that someone would help him. He went to a stand owner who was placing oranges in his stand, saying he is new in town. The stand owner didn't look at him at first, so he welcomed him. Once the owner turned he screamed in fear and quashed his oranges yelling that he saw a ghost and ran off. Casper was confused for he didn't know that he is ghost, and thinks that the owner of the stand was crazy.

Casper ended up inside a vehicle unintentionally scaring two guys inside of it. The entire town run in fear, leaving Casper clueless. He finally realized that he is a ghost as he saw his floating leg and ghostly body. Casper flew away yelling "No!"

Casper realized that he is in deed a ghost.

Later, Casper was hiding behind a tree where he saw an old lady who was walking on a walker for help and hope he doesn't scare her, but when she saw Casper, she immediately ran off without her walker.

Casper behind a tree.

Sadden and depressed, Casper bumped into a young boy and apologized.

Casper meets Chris

Casper realized that the boy didn't scream. When the boy saw him, he happily wanted to take a picture of him. Casper was amazed that the boy wasn't afraid of him, and the boy say that he loves ghost. The boy's name was Chris Carson and he realized that Casper hasn't been doing any haunting.

Chris took Casper to an old mansion called the Applegate Mansion, and wants to help Casper become a scary ghost. Casper is reluctant to scare people, but Chris told him that it's his job. He covered Casper in curtains for practice, but Casper couldn't see where he was going. They were interrupted by the Ghostly Trio: Stretch, Stinky and Fatso.

Chris asked them for his help. At first, the Trio think that Casper is just one of Chris's friends who is trying to be like them until Chris removed the curtains to reveal Casper. The Trio was amazed realizing that he really is one of them. They happily introduced themselves to him. When they realized that Casper hasn't been in training, the trio pedal saying how special and unique Casper was in that he didn't have to be put through Kibosh like all the other ghosts, so they decided to teach Casper to prove their technique to Kibosh, so he will stop chasing them. Casper exclaimed that he will work really hard. Unaware, they were stalked by Snivel, Kibosh's cowardly sidekick, who over heard everything and went to tell his boss.

Casper getting lessons from the Ghostly Trio.

Casper's first lesson was how to go to the stealth mode. The trio demonstrated by go invisible and explain to him by clearing his mind. Casper closed his eyes and tighten his fist and went to fully invisible. Chris congratulated him with his success and high five him with only Casper's hand showing.

Chris left Casper thank him as he was getting ready for his next lesson which is flying. Stretch and Stinky grabbed his hand and took with Fatso along for the ride. Casper question about using a step latter for starters. Stretch answered that the best way to learn is the sparrow way. Fatso demonstrated by kicking Casper from behind with a boot, so Casper can sparrow, but he fell to the ground.

Casper's body twirls

The next lesson was going through walls. Before he can start, Stinkie tells Casper to say that he is invisible. Casper stick his head as his body twirls. Stinkie then tells Casper to focus on the wall and tells him to see the wall, be the wall and go through the wall, but Casper ultimately fails as half or his body went through the wall. Fatso decided to set that aside and tells him to try for a good visual. He demonstrated by removing his head from his body as a way to scare a fleshie. Casper tried, but it only made made his neck extend.

Later on that night, the Trio decided to call it a quiets realizing that Casper really doesn't want to scare humans, so they kicked him out, saying that their is no place in this world for a friendly ghost. Casper left sadden and depressed.

The next morning, still depressed, Casper flew inside a cheerful Chris's room and told him that he is leaving town for good. Chris wondered whats wrong. Casper explained saying that he is a lousy ghost and the Trio kicked him out because he is too nice to learn anything and said, "I'm not a human, I'm not a ghost, I'm a nothing." Chris tried cheered him up by saying that if the Trio won't help then he will because he is his pal. The two playfully pillow fight for a bit and head off to Chris's school.

Casper was in Chris's locker waiting for Chris. Chris opened his locker and dragged Casper out and gave him his first lesson which is going through walls. Casper believes he can do this, so he arrogantly flew near the end of the hall and somehow got caught floating inside a bucket. He eventually escape the bucket and fade through the restroom where he bumps into the school principal who was sitting in the toilet reading his newspaper. Once the principal saw him, he panic as he threw out his newspaper and ran out only with his boxers on and pants dragging. Chris enter inside the restroom and told Casper that he got an A for enthusiasm, but an overall D-.

Casper and Chris in the school library.

In the school library, Chris was hiding in an allied of books to unzipped his bag only to reveal Casper who hiding inside uncontrollably. Casper said that Chris should clean out his bag pack, but Chris respond with saying that it was Casper's second lesson, which is changing shape. Casper hopped out of the bag realizing that Chris was right and thanked him.


His third lesson was invisibility, in which the Trio taught him the day before, so Casper easily went into stealth mode. Chris explained that he is gonna have to carry something heavy and tell him to pick up a blue he spotted. Casper in stealth form carefully tried to remove the blue book from the allied and is once again unaware that he is stalked Snivel who was stunned that a ghost is taking lessons from a human.

Casper and Chris outside the school library.

Casper accidentally dropped a few other books as he tried to get the blue one out. Chris immediately picked them up and was interfered by school bullies. While still in stealth mode, Casper was wielding an Earth globe and dropped it on the lead school bully Brock Lee's head. He then took a fire extinguisher and tuck it on Brock's back who was at the time threaten Chris. Casper turned on the extinguisher and caused everybody excepted for Chris and a girl name Jennifer to be covered with carbon dioxide. Still having the extinguisher on Brock's back, both Casper and Brock stormed out of the library and bump into the principal again but this time was cover in co2 which cause Brock to get detention. Outside of the school library, Casper is congratulated by Chris and Chris believes he is ready and wished him a happy haunting.

Casper scaring away a thug.

Excited with his new found ghostly powers, Casper scatter around to the town looking for his first victim. He spotted a man in a leather jacket who was about to enter in a grocery store with a gun. Casper believes that if he could scare him, he could scare anyone. Inside the grocery store the man attempt to rob the store owner of his money. Casper unintentionally intervene and scared the crook away. The store owner thanked him for saving his life. Casper's heart was filled joy to see that someone actually likes and decided to use his ghost powers to help people.

Casper telling Chris about his day.

Later that night, Casper knocked on an sadden Chris's wall, excited to tell Chris that people all over town liked him. He wondered what is wrong and Chris respond with by saying his father forget to show up in his conference. Casper mentions him about the batting cages Chris planned tonight with his father, to which Chris mention to Casper earlier, which immediately cheered Chris up. Chris also explained that they was supposed to have dinner as well. Chris even said that he is going to introduce to him to his best friend: Casper.

Chris's door bell ring; it was his teacher Sheila Fistergraff. Chris told Casper to hide, so his teacher won't be frighten by him. Casper posed as what Chris calls it toy coat rack. Fistergraff was gonna place her bag in one of Casper's arm, but missed. Chris offered to help and told her to look around and hides Casper inside the couch. When Sheila sat on the couch, Casper popped out from behind choking without her knowing. Chris pushed Casper back inside as he sat next to her. She got out of the couch and head towards the door. Casper popped out of the couched shaped shifted himself as a porch light with only is eyes showing.

Once she left Casper and Chris started to prepare dinner while listening to music with Casper on stealth mode. They were once again spotted by Snivel who thinks Casper has become the fleshie slave and reported back to his master.

With dinner all set up, Chris added a plate so Casper can join him and his dad: Tim Carson. Once they heard Tim closing the front door Chris tells Casper to wait by his window so he can introduce his father to him.

By, Chris's window Casper was practicing how he was going to introduce himself to Tim, but was taken by the Ghostly Trio who found out that Casper was doing good deeds around town and plans to stop him. This cause Casper to miss his chance in meeting Tim.

At the Applegate Manison, Casper explained that he has got to help Chris, but the Trio refused saying that he will ruin their reputation if he keeps doing these good deeds. Casper tricked them by shouting out, "Look, Elvis's ghost!" This caused Casper to escaped them and head back to Chris.

Casper and Tim team up to find Chris.

The next moring, Casper rushed inside Chris's room, only to meet Tim who was frighten at first and swung a bat at him. Casper tried to calm him down and but he was still frighten. Casper decided into stealth mode, so Tim would stop. Tim calmed down when Casper explained that he is Chris's best friend, which made Tim realized that he is Casper when Chris mention his name after Casper was taken by the Trio the night before. Casper wondered where Chris, and Tim answered that he ran away because Tim neglected him so many times. Casper explained that Chris is very lonely because Tim is always working rather than spending time with him and even told him to find him because they need each other. Tim realized that Casper is right, so the two decided to team up and find Chris. Casper made the assumptions that Chris is in the Applegate Mansion. However, Tim explained that it will blow in fifteen minutes. With that in mind, Casper immediately rushed out to warn Chris.

At the mansion, Casper wandered around looking for Chris. When he heard Chris's voice, He followed where he heard it and found Chris inside locked in a closet by the school bullies who wanted revenge after he and Chris humiliated them the day before and explain to him that their is a bomb in a house. Realizing that Chris can't fade through walls, Casper helped Chris by breaking the door for him to get out. After several attempts, Chris began to lose hope, but Casper told him to not to give up, so Casper looked around in the mansion to find the bomb and immediately found it on the floor thinking that he may disarm it. The bomb turned on with the house about to be rigged to blow by expert bomber: Bill Case who was sitting on a tree with the detonator in his hand, and Casper tried to think of a plan to stop it. As Bill was about to detonated it, he was stopped by Fistergraff as she crashed her car on the tree causing Bill to plummet on her car. Bill stilled tried to detonate it, but Tim grabbed the detonator and threw it away.

Casper told Chris that it pass 6:30 which means that he is okay. When everything seems to be okay, Bill announced that the bomb has a default mechanism and it will blow only within in a minute. The bomb was getting ready for a count down with Casper looked in shock not knowing what to do. Tim broke inside to find Chris. Casper helped by pointing him to the closet. Tim broke the door knob and got Chris out. Casper told them to go and said he will take care of the bomb, so the two left as Casper stayed behind with the bomb wondering what to do.

With time about run out, Casper was left with one choice, and that was to swallow the bomb, but was confronted by Kibosh in the last minute as the evil ghoul came from behind and grabbed Casper by the neck. Casper's body grew enormous as the bomb explodes right inside of him causing Kibosh and Snivel to fall back and the Ghostly Trio, who were trapped inside Kibosh's cage, break out due to Casper's enormous sizes. Casper went back to normal sizes and saved the mansion as the people cheered that the mansion is still safe with Bill Case leaving in defeat.

Back inside the mansion, Kibosh was amazed and asked Casper how did he do it. Casper told him that the Trio taught him. The Trio seemed confused, but Stretch immediately said, "Yeah, we did. Told you we had great techniques." With that knowledge, Kibosh decided that the Trio can go off haunting whenever they like, but Casper wasn't off the hook because he skipped training. The Trio paddle and Fatso said that it was their turn to help Casper after Casper have sticked up for them. The Trio tell Kibosh that he can't take Casper because Kibosh told him that he can't split up a family. Kibosh said that he is not related to them, but they lied and said that they are his uncles. This lead Kibosh to let Casper off the hook and remind them that a family has to stick together for all time.

Casper, Chris, and Jennifer

Now that Kibosh has left them alone, Casper is now adopted by the Ghostly Trio as their nephew. However, they can't stay because they heard that Tim is gonna demolished their home, but Tim had a change of heart and he and Sheila thought of making the place haunted for the ghosts which caught Casper and the Ghostly Trio's attention and was pleased that the "fleshies" are letting them stay.

Now that the ghosts has a truce with Tim, Stretch told Chris that if he ever needs a favor he can just asked. Chris looked out the window pointing at the bullies who locked him with the bomb, so the Trio went after them, but Casper remind them about family and told them to they got to try to behave themselves, but they went for it anyway and scared the bullies by giving them a wedgie and have them hanging on the tree.

Casper breaking the fourth wall winking at the audience

Jennifer came inside the mansion to apologize to Chris for hanging out with Brock and his gang.  Chris introduced her to Casper which have her frighten to see a ghost for the first time. Chris told Casper "Casper, I like the affect you have on people." Casper decided to come up with a new name for himself, so he came up with, Casper, the Friendly Ghost.

Casper Meets Wendy

Casper trying to calm the crowd who were scared by his uncles.

Casper appeared at the Baseball Stadium as he tries to calm of crowd of people who were being scared off by his uncles, but they instantly run knowing that he is a ghost. After scaring off the fleshies, the Trio decided to have a vacation for their victory, and have Casper doing choirs, in which Casper does not take lightly.

Casper teased his uncles by yelling witches to scared them.

Casper and his uncles made it to Sunnybrite Resorts to spend their relaxing vacation, with Casper carrying the bags. They found a house where a happy couple was going to enjoy their vacation. The Trio fade in and scared them them off. Casper was not too pleased with the way they scare off that young couple and think they should act more friendly. Fatso explained that the only good Fleshie is a scared Fleshie because they don't scare back. Stinkie added, "Except for witchies," causing the trio to be shriek. Casper questions what is wrong with witches. Stretch explained that witches are fleshies with powers and order Casper to unpack. Casper signed floating off then immediately yells, "Witches." to scare the Trio. and floated back out.

Later, Stinkie scared away a chef and he have Casper carry some food on a tray much to Casper's dismay.

Casper in shock.

Back at the house, Casper and the Trio went inside for a snack. Casper, Stretch, and Stinkie were stunned as they see that Fatso had a sunburn. But they decide to worry about that later and prepare to eat. As Casper was getting the napkins, he turned after hearing a loud grabble and saw that the Trio has ate everything. Casper tried to stand up to them but was very timid to and left the house as the Trio are enjoying the fact that they are making their nephew's afterlife miserable. Casper went inside of a barn alone.

Casper angry

Inside the barn, he sat on top of a ledge, where a little girl appears moping "I just wanted someone to talk to talk to." Casper said to her, "Join the club." The girl was frighten and wanted Casper not to come any closer. Casper said that he won't hurt her. The two then meet each other face to face. The girl pulled her wand saying that she is not afraid to use it. She changed to a witch outfit by snapping her figures, causing Casper to panic realizing that she is a witch. The two then hide off from each other. Casper asked if she really is a witch. She retorted, "Yeah what of it?"

Casper meets Wendy

Casper respond, "Nothing, I just didn't know witches were so cute." She was flattered by his response. The witch stated that said that he is a ghost and always assume that ghost were spooky and mean. Casper explained, "Most of us are. I guest. But not me, in fact I'm friendly." The two introduce themselves to each other, the witch was named Wendy. She asked about his ghostly powers. Casper demonstrated for her by blowing himself like a hot air balloon and burst around the barn for her amusement. Casper even asked her about her witch powers. She demonstrated by making a cardboard Santa Claus danced. Casper claimed that he couldn't even believe that his uncles were so wrong about witches.

Casper and Wendy

She asked if they are other ghost here. Casper signed saying, "Yeah all they ever do is scare people and boss me around." Wendy has had the same problems with her bewitching aunts. They both realized that they have a lot and common and decide to go have fun. The two enjoyed themselves and have a great time by playing pranks on their relatives and flying around the park.

Casper and Wendy having fun.

They sat down on a bench and come to the conclusion that ghost and witches are worst enemies and knows that if any of Casper's or Wendy's relatives found out that they are their nephew or niece is friends with what is their enemies they will start and rivalry and they will never see each other again. So Casper comes up with an idea.

Sometimes later, after the Ghostly Trio scare away a maid, Casper came by and was amused which caught the Trio by surprised seeing that their nephew who is a friendly ghost wanting to scare fleshes. Casper thought the idea of procession. Stretch claims that they are experts as well as the fact that they are the top three ghosts who ever inhabits fleshes. Casper lied to them by saying that in the Grimious Book of World Recorder someone broke it.  The Trio try to come up with a plan to reclaimed their title. Casper holds up a flier suggesting a Big Dance and the ghosts flew off with Casper having a tiny smirk seeing that everything is going according to plan.

Casper and his uncles

Later that night, the Ghostly Trio inhabits three fleshes that quite resemble them in a way and Stretch told Casper to start the timer. Once Wendy came at the dance, he dragged her down as he was hiding and wondered what told her so long. She explained that her aunts looked her in, but climbed out of the bathroom window. The plan seems to go in place. With the ghosts and witches all in the dance, it was time for phased two. Casper went into stealth mode to go after the spot lights as Wendy used her magic and change the music quotes to Romeo and Juliet music. Casper in stealth mode set the spotlights on Wendy's aunts so his human form uncles could see them and they instantly fell for them. Both genders found their partners and dance. Casper took Wendy's hand and took her outside.

Casper asking Wendy for a dance.

Outside the dance, Casper nervously asked Wendy for a dance. She agree and changed into a stunning red dress and Casper changed into a sharp tux and dance at the gazebo. As they dance, Casper went into stealth mode saying that he doesn't dance good especially when someone is looking, and continued his dance with Wendy. She complemented saying that he dance. They were interrupted by boy named Josh Jackman, who was dumped by Wendy earlier after he was being jerk to her, as he saw Wendy dancing with an invisible Casper in which he mistakenly believes she is dancing alone. Casper wonders who that as he was thinking that their was something going on between her and Josh, but Wendy said that it was nobody important.

Casper and Wendy sharing a romantic dance.

They stop dancing as they heard loud noises in the party, so Casper and Wendy rushed back in a witnessed the Trio crashing the party as they were losing control to the humans they inhabit. Wendy's aunts on the other hand were enjoying it not realizing that something was going on with them.

Outside of the party the Trio immediately lost control as they got out of the humans they inhabit and scared them off as well as scaring the witches until they change into their witch outfits to scare them. Casper and Wendy tried to explained, but was stop by their elders as they tried to scare each other off. The witches won the fight as the head witch, Gerty attempted to use her magic on them which caused the ghosts to flee away. Casper on the other hand was hiding in a stone vase. Once the witches leave, Wendy ran to Casper and told him to meet her back in five minutes.

Five minutes later, Casper and Wendy went back inside the party which was now a maze. Wendy told Casper that she can use her powers and have Casper promise her not to tell anyone. She used her laptop and show Casper on the screen a picture of an evil warlock name Desmond Spellman who is after her. Wendy explained that if she or her aunts used any huge magic, he will track them down and destroyed them by using a portal called the Mystic Abyss and if anyone goes in they will never come out. The conversation end with Wendy begging Casper to keep his uncles away from them, so she won't leave. Casper explained that he is not good at standing up to them, but Wendy explained that this is a life or death situation and told him not to say anything about the magic.

Casper gets confronted by his uncles.

Back at the house, Casper began to stand up to his uncles, but was over powered, by their anger and demand that they'll need to attack them or else the witches will make the first move. Casper does what he can to stop them, but Stretch was wondering why is he protecting them which caused Casper to accidentally spill the beans by saying that the witches can't use their powers. This gives the Trio the upper hand, so they grabbed Casper and flushed him down the toilet, so they can scare off the witches.

Casper made it out of the sewers and dried himself off from the dirty water. He rushed to Wendy who was packing telling her that his uncles are coming, only to find out that they beat him to it, which forced her to used her wand against them causing Desmond to know her location. As Casper tried to explained, Wendy, who felt betrayed by Casper, told him off and threatens to used her magic against him if he doesn't leave. Casper was left with no choice as he left a sobering Wendy behind and spotted Josh and his friend playing with Wendy's wand unaware that they took it without Wendy noticing. Seeing Josh playing with Wendy's wand lead Casper to believe that she likes Josh more then him since Wendy never let him play with her wand.

Casper sad.

Casper went inside his house beginning to sober himself, until the Ghostly Trio appeared upset with their nephew. Casper explained to them that Desmond is after the witches and they will need their help, but the Trio refused. Casper gave out a little speech saying that despite all the horrible things the Trio has done, they have shown to care for the witches, but Stretch claims saying that they were just pretending even though he and the others know that Casper was telling the truth. Because of that, Casper left them with his head hanging thinking they haven't change.

Casper standing up to Desmond Spellman demanding to leave Wendy alone

With Wendy and her aunts captured by Desmond and his henchmen: Vincent and Jules, Casper showed up and confronted the evil warlock, but was out matched by his powers as Desmond zapped Casper away causing the Friendly Ghost to bump his head to a tree. Before he went back inside, Casper was about to get Wendy's wand. He showed up at Josh's house and find Josh and his friend abusing Wendy's wand with a hammer. Casper reluctantly scared them which caused Josh to drop the wand as it turns he and his friend to horses.

Casper and Wendy at the abyss

Casper showed up back at the house with Wendy's wand as the abyss opened. As Casper tried to give Wendy her the wand, Desmond and his men tried to stop him before he does. Desmond blast Casper with his power causing the Friendly Ghost plummet down for a moment unconscious. Casper eventually got up as he saw Wendy getting dragged to the abyss by Desmond's magic. With Wendy inside, Casper grabbed a red rope and dived in the abyss to saved her as Desmond attempted to close the door on them. Inside the abyss, Wendy grabbed Casper's hand they and struggled to reach out before the wall comes to a full close. Desmond accidentally fell inside as he was frighten by a three eyed monster, but it was revealed to be the Ghostly Trio in disguise scaring Desmond when he tried to destroy the three remaining witches. So the ghosts and the witches team up to get their niece and nephew back to safety with the witches grabbing the rope and the Trio holding the door. Casper and Wendy made it out, and the wall to came to a full close.

Casper with his uncles near the end

The ghosts came to nurse Casper who was down and unconscious as the Witches nurse their fallen niece. The Trio dragged their nephew up and saw Wendy who was still down for a moment and woke up and gave her aunts a hug. Casper had a feeling that  he and his uncles that he knew they wouldn't let them down, but Stretch replied with, "Yeah well, we figured couldn't let you have all the fun." The witches thanked the ghosts for saving them and the ghosts admitted that it was nice getting know them. Desmond's Oracle interrupted saying that now that Desmond is gone Wendy is now the greatest witch because she did what no other witch can do and that is befriending a ghost.

Casper breaking the forth wall by waving goodbye to the audience

As both the ghosts and witches were getting ready to leave, Casper stop by to see Wendy along with his uncles bags to say goodbye and that he is going to miss her. Wendy explained that if he ever saves another girl from a some swirling vortex of doom he will forget all about her. She even said that, people will treat them different. She used a little of her magic to remove the bags from Casper and have them floating so the Trio can get it. Casper was still sad until Wendy gave him a quick kiss on the lips causing Casper to blush and flew away with her aunts.

In the end, Casper's uncles carried their bags and claim that they like doing their nephew chores and Casper wave goodbye to everybody at Sunnybrite saying that it's been friendly.


  • It is constantly confirmed that this version of Casper is a prequel to the 1995 theatrical film version, but their is little to no hint that they are in the same canon of each other, for the one in the 1995 film, he died in the 19th century while in here, it seems that he died in present day.
  • In Casper Meets Wendy, Casper and the Ghostly Trio appear to be more transparent than they were in A Spirited Beginning.
  • Casper is probably the only ghost who doesn't seem to be afraid of Kibosh.
  • Casper is voice by Jeremy Foley who portrayed Graham Wando in Dante's Peak.
  • In this version, Casper is adopted by the Ghostly Trio as their nephew rather than biologically.
  • While Casper's relationship's with Wendy mostly stays as a strong friendship, there are a few hints that he and Wendy may have romantic feelings for one another.
  • Unlike his theatrical film counterpart, Casper has shown to face more difficult situations, such as struggling to stop a bomb, being in a confrontation with either Kibosh or Desmond Spellman, and saving Wendy from an Abyss.


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