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...Can I keep you?
~ Casper's most famous line.
I begged and begged my dad to give me this sled, but he acted like I couldn't even have it because I didn't know how to ride. But then one morning, I came down for breakfast and there it was, just for me, for no reason at all. I took it out, went sledding all day. My dad said "that's enough," but I couldn't stop I was having so much fun. It got late...got dark...got cold...and I got sick. My dad got sad.
~ Casper explaining to Kat the story about how he tragically passed away.

Casper McFadden is the titular main protagonist of the 1995 film, Casper and it's 1996 sequel/spin-off animated series, The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper.

He was voiced by Malachi Pearson. While in human form, he was portrayed by Devon Sawa, who also portrayed Alex Browning.


Human life and death

Casper was twelve years old and wanted a sled, but was refused by his father because it was too dangerous for him. The next morning, Casper went downstairs and was surprised as he saw the sled for no reason. Excited, he took the sled outside and played in the snow all day. His father said that was enough, but he couldn't help it and kept playing. It soon became dark and Casper got cold, sick and died. They say he died from pneumonia but is factually inaccurate. Now as a ghost, Casper spent his time with his father, so he wouldn't be alone.


Over the years, Casper spent most of his afterlife in Whipstaff Manor hoping to find a friend. He was under the care of his three uncles: Stretch, Stinkie and Fatso; however, they mistreated him and forced him to do choirs such as cooking for them, or cleaning after their messes.

One night at Whipstaff, two boys enter the manor to take a picture to show off to their classmates, but one of them has to take the picture of the other, but they both want to be in it, so the two end up bickering over who should take the picture, but Casper intervene and took the picture of them both. The two boys run screaming that they saw a ghost, which leaves the picture Casper took of them, scared.

On a stormy night, Carrigan Crittenden and her partner Paul "Dibs" Plutzker enter Whipstaff after reading that the manor has a treasure inside. They immediately panic as they heard a soft voice saying "Hello". They force him to show himself, or they will have him arrested for trespassing. It was revealed to be Casper as he slides down the stairway to introduce himself. Carrigan and Dibs screamed in fear, and Casper tries to calm them down knowing that his uncles would get cranky, but it was too late as his uncles appear right before and scare the two away. Outside, Carrigan and Dibs have made few attempts to get the ghosts out of the house, whether hiring a priest, a ghost exterminator, or construction workers to break down the house in order to get the treasure. It immediately failed, as the construction workers stormed their way out terrified by the ghosts. Casper tried to stop them by claiming they were kidding, but they all left. Casper sighed, saying that all he wants is a friend.

Bored and depressed, Casper kept flicking through the TV channels until it hits the news. It reports that an afterlife therapist named Dr. James Harvey who lost his wife, believes that ghosts have unfinished business and thinks they need the help to crossover to the next dimension. This caught Casper's attention; however, what really caught his attention was when the news cut to James's daughter, Kathleen "Kat" Harvey, he instantly finds an attraction to her.

With his ghostly powers, he infiltrated Carrigan's hotel room and inside her television and switch it to the news where they were showing Dr. Harvey. He moved right the TV in front of the bathroom where she was in, so she can see. She had shown to be invested and hired Dr. Harvey.

When the Harvey's arrived at Whipstaff, Casper was excited and nervous as he tries to come up with a way to introduce himself to Kat. When Kat was looking for a room, he followed her around until she came into his room and lay down on his bed which leads him to say, "There's a girl on my bed...yes!"

When he revealed himself to her, she fainted. To wake her up, he filled his body up with water and poured it onto her. When she saw him again, she screamed causing her father to come in as Casper flees away.

He hides in a closet until James opened the door and Casper greeted him. This caused James to scream as he carried his daughter away. Upset that his plan failed, he overhears his uncles coming in laughing, so Casper does whatever he can to stall them, so they won't frighten the Harvey’s, however, that plan failed when they suspect something from him, and threw him to the moon and attempt scared away the Harvey’s, but James managed to use a vacuum on them causing them to be trapped.

The next morning, Casper greeted Kat "Good morning" and immediately wrapped his body around her mouth as she was about to scream again. Casper explained to her that he is indeed friendly and if she screams, she will wake his uncles and they would get cranky. He removed himself from her and offered her a seat at the kitchen table. She became amazed at the fact that she could see right through him.

Casper put on his chef hat and made her breakfast, doing some tricks for her amusement. Once he gave her breakfast, she reaches out to touch Casper's hand, so both of them were about to place their hands together as Casper’s hand fades through hers.

They were interrupted, when Dr. Harvey showed up, so Casper made him breakfast as well and gave him a newspaper. When Casper's uncles appear, they were angry at the fact that their nephew served the intruders (as Stretch called them before) his guardians (the Ghostly Trio) and force him to give them their meal. When Casper gave his elders their breakfast, they taunted him saying that he has no respect for them, as their annoyed nephew was clearing up their messes. He was then kicked off by Stretch like a soccer ball.

Later, he followed Kat to school and indirectly played a prank on her classmates, who were teasing her as she was the new kid in school and lived at Whipstaff, by tying their shoelaces’ together and having them fall over when class was over. Kat's classmates wanted to have their Halloween party at Whipstaff and Casper wanted to be her date, but she was asked by her crush Vic DePhillippi, which she accept much to Casper's dismay.

Casper decided to show Kat a night out on the town. He took her to the lighthouse he goes to every night. Kat began to ask him about his life before he died, but Casper couldn't remember. Later that night, Casper and Kat were in Kat’s bedroom (formerly Casper’s) and Kat continued to ask why he can't remember. Casper explained that when you’re a ghost life doesn't matter anymore, so he just forgot. Kat explained the times she remembers her mother before she died and all the good times they had with each other.

Kat began to ask Casper if her mother was a ghost, and would she forget about her, but Casper respond that her mother wouldn't forget about her. As Kat was falling asleep, Casper asked if he was alive would she go to the Halloween dance with him. She mutters “Yes”. He then asked, "Kat...Can I keep you?" and kissed her on the cheek. Kat told Casper to close the window; she is cold (which was a reaction to him kissing her cheek, not the open window). Casper eventually fell asleep.

The next morning, Casper woke up and found a room that Kat redecorated with his old stuff, helping him to remember. He fully began remembering by looking at all of the old toys he had before his death. He then floats to the attic and gave Kat an old dress that used to belong to his mother, and Kat decided to wear it for the party.

He also showed her the sled that his father gave him and explained his tragic death. Kat asked about what is it like to die, and he explained is like being born, but backwards. They found a newspaper with a picture of his father: J.T. McFadden saying he was haunted by the ghost of his dead son, and the only way to bring him back was the Lazarus.

Casper took Kat to his father's lab and was unaware that they were being followed by Carrigan and Dibs. Casper had Kat go on one of his father's inventions called the Up and At'em Machine which is a secret passageway in between Library and the Lab. Inside the lab, Casper explained how his father was a great inventor and that he used to play around in his lab all the time and it has a treasure vault. While Casper tried to get Lazarus to appear, Kat opens a book which is revealed to have a button in it and pushes it, which makes the Lazarus rise up from an underwater area of the Lab.

When Casper was about to go inside the Lazarus, Kat was getting really worried, but he went inside anyway saying that he will be alive. It was foiled when Carrigan and Dibs took the glass capsule that would make the machine work causing Casper to be transformed into a sunny-side-up egg.

Casper regained his ghost shape self and both he and Kat were interrupted by the ghost of Carrigan after falling out of a cliff and took Casper's treasure chest and demanded Dibs to get the Lazarus working, but he betrays her and wanted the treasure for himself which cause Carrigan to send him off flying leaving his fate unknown.

Casper and Kat trick Carrigan about her unfinished business, as she stated that she has no unfinished business causing her to cross over. Casper and Kat attempted to try the machine again but were interrupted by Dr. Harvey and the Ghostly Trio. Now as a ghost after drunkenly falling down a manhole, James had no memory of who he was, as well as who his own daughter is. Kat snapped him out of his amnesia by giving him the pinky promise they had before they move into Whipstaff. Seeing how depressed Kat was, Casper felt that James needed to use the Lazarus more than him, so he took him inside the machine and turned it on. James was back to his live self and is reunited with his daughter, leaving Casper saddened that he missed his chance for having a second life.

Later that night, Casper was in his newly decorated toy room alone and depressed. He gets a visit from Kat's mother: Amelia Harvey who was an angel and told him how noble and caring he was for bringing Dr. Harvey back to life, for Kat needs her father. She even commented on how his own father would never forget the sacrifice his son made for the happiness of Kat and James and that he is very proud of him for fulfilling his dreams. As a reward, Amelia gave Casper his dream of a second life, but for that night only and up until 10:00 P.M. She used her magic dust on him and transformed the young ghost into a boy once more.

As a human boy, Casper went downstairs to the dance where everyone except Kat was dancing with their partners, after her date Vic and his friend who is also Kat's rival, Amber Whitmire were scared away by the Ghostly Trio. Casper took Kat's hand and took her to the dance floor. They dance to the music that was playing called "Remember me this way."

Casper had both Kat and himself float as they dance, which causes a shock to Kat. Casper gave the quote he gave to Kat the night before "Can I keep you?" which reveals to Kat that the boy she was dancing with is Casper. Once the clock struck 10:00, Casper kissed Kat on the lips as he was slowly transformed back to his ghostly body and gave a nervous "Boo" to the students which scared them all away.

In the end, Casper, Kat, and Dr. Harvey decided to have the party all to themselves with The Ghostly Trio dressing themselves as Little Richard and playing the Little Richard version of the Casper the Friendly Ghost theme song.



  • Casper is the very first fully computer-generated protagonist in a live-action feature.
  • The name McFadden reveals to be Casper's last name.
  • This was the only time when Casper was brought back to life only for a short time.
  • When Casper is seen flipping through channels, one of channels shows a cartoon woman shouted "g-g-ghost!" This was taken from the Casper cartoon "Once Upon A Rhyme.
  • The human form Casper was portrayed by Devon Sawa.
  • Austin O'Brien, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Edward Furlong, Erik Von Detten, Bradley Pierce, Elijah Wood, Mason Gamble, Brian Bonsall and Eli Marienthal were all considered to voice Casper before Malachi Pearson was cast.


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