Cassidy "Cass" Hamada is the overworked but always supportive aunt and guardian of brothers Hiro and Tadashi from Disney's 2014 animated feature Big Hero 6 and a recurring character in it's sequel television series Big Hero 6: The Series.

She is voiced by Maya Rudolph, who voiced Rapunzel in Shrek the Third, Burn in Turbo, Matilda in The Angry Birds Movie, Smiler in The Emoji Movie,Connie the hormone monstress in big mouth.


Big Hero 6

Cass has been caring for Hiro and Tadashi for ten years following their parents's deaths. She is a caring woman who loves her nephews above all else and is very loving towards them, but knows when to be strict. This is shown when she picks them up after they are released from prison. She hugs them and asks if they are okay before lecturing them about how much they worried her. She seems very excitable, talkative, and is usually a very happy woman. She is also understanding and did what she could to help Hiro through his depression after Tadashi's death. She supports and encourages the decisions of Tadashi and Hiro while wanting what is best for them, as she encourages Hiro to go to college as it is what Tadashi would have wanted. She is proud of her nephews and is not afraid to show it. She also appears to be rather oblivious, as Hiro was able to hide Baymax's existence from her (though it is unknown if she was suspicious of Hiro's activities after he set out to form Big Hero 6 to catch Yokai).

By the end of the film, Cass had been introduced to Baymax.

Big Hero 6: The Series

Cass reappears in Big Hero 6: The Series, where she continues to raise Hiro and run her cafe. She is currently unaware of Hiro being involved with Big Hero 6.


  • "Then what were you two knuckleheads thinking?!"
  • "For ten years, I've done the best I could to raise you. Have I been perfect? No. Do I know anything about children? No! Should I have picked up a book on parenting?! PROBABLY! Where was I going? I had a point."
  • "Look at my little college man. Oh, I can't wait to hear all about it!"
  • "That's my nephew! WHOO! MY FAMILY! I LOVE MY FAMILY!"
  • "What was that?"
  • "Last hug!"



  • In the early drafts of Big Hero 6, Cass was originally Hiro and Tadashi's mother.
  • Cass' appearance is similiar to Grace from Pokémon.



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