Cassandra is a sorceress and the deuteragonist in the 2002 film, The Scorpion King.

She is portrayed by Kelly Hu.


Mathayus manages to sneak into the sorcerer's tent, where he meets a sorceress, Cassandra. While Mathayus is ambushed and meeting Memnon himself, who was known to brutally executes Jesup in front of him, and is about to kill Mathayus too. But Cassandra tells Memnon that the gods wish Mathayus to survive the night, and to defy them will incur their annoyed and cost him his victories. Mathayus only barely manages to escape Gomorrah, abducting Cassandra along the way, knowing that Memnon will come for her. However, Cassandra is eventually to escapes from Mathayus and even tells him that she has been Memnon's prisoner since she was a toddler. Mathayus, the man who have allows her the choice of leaving on, warning her of worse dangers and that she is likely safer with him.

Cassandra has a vision of Memnon and his army slaughtering the entire rebel camp. She informs Mathayus and the prophesies that when the moonlight reaches Memnon's palace, the King on High will become the invincible Scorpion King, and Memnon believes himself to be the one doomed to become the Scorpion King. Furthermore, she informs Mathayus that if he facing Memnon, he will most likely die from being shot, but Mathayus assures her that he will make his own destiny and they sleep together. Soon after, Cassandra must returns to Memnon in order to stall him and possibly killing him by the answer.

Cassandra told Mathayus that she sees a period of peace and prosperity coming, but warns him that it will not last forever. Mathayus also decides that they will make their own destiny. Meeting with Zi-Yuan and her daughter, Lin in Himalayas, she's gave her a liquidity immortality potion bottle about her pregnancy of their future and newborn daughter.

A plague hits Mathayus' kingdom. Cassandra is dies as do most of the population. The kingdom falls. Mathayus becomes a wandering mercenary. Mathayus is devestated.


  • She is magically gifted with clairvoyance and the ability to manipulate snakes.


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