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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Cassandra Cain from the DC Extended Universe. The mainstream version can be found here: Cassandra Cain (DC).
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Cassandra "Cass" Cain is one of the two deuteragonists (alongside Black Canary) of Birds of Prey.

She is a young thief in Gotham City who was being hunted by Black Mask for stealing the Bertinelli diamond from his right-hand, Victor Zsasz. After killing Black Mask, She would then become the apprentice of Harley Quinn and a part of her Associates.

She was portrayed by Ella Jay Basco.



Nothing is known about Cassandra's past except that she was sometime adopted by her foster parents, as she would live with them in a flat in Gotham City. They were somewhat abusive towards her and often got into loud shouting matches.

Birds of Prey

Cass first appeared when she was a pickpocketing within Gotham City as she stole a few number of a number of unsavory characters when she was arrested after unwittingly swallowing a stolen diamond that was the key to unlocking the fortune of the slaughtered Bertinelli Crime Family. Roman Sionis, the criminal kingpin who also went by the alias Black Mask, hired Harley Quinn to retrieve the diamond, but also put out a general reward of $500,000 for anyone who could bring Cain back to him alive.

She was arrested for thievery soon after leading Harley to raid the GCPD where She was still being held in custody. She was then located by Harley as the pair escaped, during which time She swallowed the diamond for safekeeping. Harley learns of this and after their escape she handcuffs Cass and herself to prevent any escape attempts. She is then fed laxatives to hasten retrieval of the diamond. She and Harley initially interacted with mutual suspicion; however, the pair began to warm up to one another.

Cass is then taken back to Harley's flat where the two start to develop an affinity because of their (until then) solitary lives. The flat is then attacked by Huntress after Harley's landlord Doc gave up her location. Harley has a change of heart, and decides to make an arrangement with Sionis to give him Cass (and therefore the diamond) in return for his protection. Both parties agreed to meet at an abandoned waterfront amusement park to make the switch. At the park, Harley reveals to a distraught Cass of the deal and duct-tapes at her to a toilet, awaiting the laxatives to kick in and the diamond to be excreted.




  • Gotham City Police Department - detainers
  • Gotham City Hunters - attempted captors
  • Roman Sionis † - captor, attempted killer and victim
  • Victor Zsasz † - attempted killer


  • Expert thief: She is a trained pickpocket, capable of using distraction and sleight-of-hand to fool people as she relieves them of her valuables. Though she has talent in committing the act, she isn't always quite so skilled at getting away when her victims soon realize that they've been robbed.
  • Expert escapologist: Cain was able to uncuff herself from Harley Quinn without her realizing.


  • In DC Comics, Cassandra Cain is one of the world's greatest martial artists. She is the daughter of two assassins, bred to become the perfect killer, taught fighting since infancy and never learning to talk. She later rebelled against her parents, and became a vigilante under the alias Batgirl and later on "Black Bat".


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