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I'm not going anywhere. My father was an Avenger. This was his home. And one weekend a month, it was mine, too. Now he's dead. And all I have left of him is inside the mansion. So I don't care who you are--or what powers you have... I'm not leaving without it!
~ Cassandra Lang.
Think about it. Billy's not the problem. The problem is Wanda Maximoff. She's the one who lost her mind. She's the one who made mutants an endangered species. She's the one who murdered my dad. And why did she do all that? Because she thought she'd lost her kid. So if we can show her that her sons are alive and well, she can undo it all. All of it. And can reverse the spell, give the mutants back their powers...and she can bring my dad back to life.
~ Cassandra Lang on Scarlet Witch.

Cassandra Eleanor "Cassie" Lang is a fictional character in the Marvel comics and universe, and later becomes a superheroine under the aliases Stature and Stinger. She is the daughter of Scott Lang and Peggy Rae, with the former being the successor superhero of Hank Pym's mantle, Ant-Man, and later becomes his partner.

Cassandra Lang was created by David Michelinie and John Byrne, and first appeared in Marvel Premiere #47 in April of 1979. When introduced as Stature, she was created by Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung, and first appeared in Young Avengers #6 in May of 2006, as Nick Spencer and Annapaola Martello created Stinger in May of 2016 in The Astonishing Ant-Man #6.


Early Life

Cassandra Eleanor "Cassie" Lang is the daughter of Scott Lang and Peggy Rae, and her birth date has been noted around June. As a child, Cassie suffered from a congenital heart defect, and her father stole Dr. Hank Pym's Ant-Man suit and Pym Particles to save her life. After taking the suit, Scott saved Doctor Sondheim from Cross Technologies, as she was the only doctor who was able to cure Cassie's condition.

Cassie grew up wanting to be a hero just like her father, and she was able to encounter many heroes due to him being a superhero. Scott's time as a engineer for the Fantastic Four brought Cassie to the team's headquarters, and she forged a friendship with Doctor Doom's ward, Kristoff Vernard. Cassie helped Kristoff adjust to the outside world from Doctor Doom's castle, and eventually he developed a crush on him. When the Fantastic Four disappeared and Scott was jobless, he found employment at Oracle, Inc with the Heroes for Fire.

Due to his new employment, Cassie went on further adventures, and accidently activated the Super-Adaptoid, and received terrifying visions of the future. The Heroes for Hire defeated the Super-Adaptoid, and Cassie's participation helped her father and his allies defeat the Master for the fate of Earth. After his divorce with Peggy, Scott joined the Avengers, and Cassie spent her time with her father at the Avenger Mansion. Cassie become close to the members of the superhero team, notably Iron Man, referring to him as "Uncle Tony". In addition, Cassie used this time to expose herself to Pym Particles, hoping that she could become a superhero.

When Peggy remarried to Blake Burdick, they both grew a strong resentment towards superheroes. As a result of this, they feared Cassie's safety, and Peggy obtained a court ruling that limited her visits with Scott. During this time, Cassie was kidnapped, but was saved by her father an his teammate Jack of Hearts, at the cost of the latter's life. Having felt responsible for his teammates death, Scott ran out to great him when he landed on the Avengers Mansion grounds, leaving his skeletal remains. The Avengers lost many during this, and this led to the end of the tam itself, and Cassie was left heartbroken, having lost her father and inspiration.

Becoming Stature

Afterward, Cassie began living with her mother and stepfather, but tensions were high and she often fought her mother. One night, Cassie planed to leave and join the Runaways, but she learned about the Young Avengers. Cassie sought out Kate Bishop, and the two went to the Avengers Mansion and found the heroes Iron Lad, Hulkling, Patriot, and Asgardian. An argument soon erupted about the Young Avengers' membership, and Cassie began to grow at an alarming rate, but was saved by Captain America, Iron Man and Jessica Jones.

While alone in the mansion, Cassie confided to Iron Man that she had been secretly taking Pym Particles for years, and he told her the truth about Scott's murder. Later on, the mansion was attacked by Kang the Conqueror, and Cassie and Kate joined in fighting and defeating him. After defeating the villain, Cassie and Kate became permanent members of the Young Avengers. Captain America and Iron Man ordered the team to disband and refused to train them, but Kate used some of her family's money and connections for the team to have the resources they needed. Although Cassie was given the codenames "Ant-Girl" and "Titan", Cassie decided to adopt the codename "Stature".

During this time, Cassie's mother and stepfather began to suspect that she was secretly a superhero, and Jessica Jones confirmed this to her mother in an effort to stop the Young Avengers. Despite her mother and stepfather's objections, Stature continued her heroics by averting a Kree-Skrull War, rescue the superhero Speed, and battle the Zodiac.

The Initiative

During the events of Civil War, Stature sided with Captain America and rebelled against the Registration Act, but left when Goliath was killed by Thor's clone, Ragnarok, and Wiccan being captured by Iron Man. Afterward, Cassie joined the Initiative and began her training at Camp Hammond, Connecticut, and met her father's successor, Eric O'Grady. The two got into a fight after Eric made disparaging comments about her father, but the two reconciled after fighting Taskmaster.

Eventually, the Vision (Jonas) disguised himself as Tony Stark to meet Cassie, and confessed that he shared Iron Lad's attraction to her, and hoped that she could love him. Cassie once accidently injured her stepfather while stopping the Growing Man, and became guilt-ridden to point that she attempted to shrink. She was stopped by her teammates before she could shrink into non-existence, and this made her come to terms with the responsibilities and risks of being a superhero and being a member of the Initiative and the Young Avengers. She later worked with the team during the Skrull invasion, and fought the Skrull Yellowjacket, punching him out.



  • In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she was portrayed by Abby Ryder Fortsen as a child, Emma Furhman in Avengers: Endgame, and Kathryn Newton (who also played Millie Kessler in Freaky) in the upcoming film, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.




  • Cassie's new title Stinger originated from her counterpart in the MC2 universe.


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