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Heroine Overview

I'll never forget that day; my dad came home with a broken jaw.
~ Cassie Cage, reminiscing on Jacqui's recruitment and Jax's reaction.
Nice offer, mommy dearest. But I'll pass.
~ Cassie after defeating Sindel.
Son of a bitch!
~ Cassie to Shinnok, when he burns her father Johnny Cage with his power.
You got Caged.
~ Cassie after defeating Shinnok.

Sergeant Cassandra Carlton "Cassie" Cage, is the main protagonist of Mortal Kombat X and the supporting character of Mortal Kombat 11. She is the daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, the goddaughter of Jackson "Jax" Briggs, and the best friend of Jacqui Briggs.

She is voiced by Ashly Burch in MKX and Erica Lindbeck, who also voiced Barbie and Queen Amelia, in MK11.


Cassie is an attractive, young Caucasian woman with blonde hair and a slim build. She wears a Special Forces outfit and has gray eyes.


Cassie Cage is a strong girl brave and bold but while brave Cassie has shown to be rather cocky. She is like her mother tough as nails but is mouthy like her father. She is stubborn but a good soldier even though she is a good soldier Cassie has a problem with taking orders and following rules.

Cassie is head strong, determined but also brash. Like her father, Cassie likes to show off and brag. Cassie has the traits of her mother and father strong like Sonya but egotistical like her. While Cassie enjoys her job of being a soldier she enjoys what is popular with the current younger generation far more. Cassie likes to boast and make jokes she is skilled but prefers to not take her opponents seriously. Another thing about Cassie is that she holds grudges.

Cassie has revealed to Raiden and Liu Kang that she has trusted issues because of Dark Raiden Revenant Liu Kang. She also isn't willing to forgive even if they aren't like their evil counterparts. Cassie is not afraid to take risks but she is also very vain and worries about getting hurt or something of hers getting ruined. One fight Cassie said she didn't want blood on her outfit. She has also shown to be obnoxious a few times. She enjoys the thrill of fighting but also enjoys relaxing and goofy around. Cassie is motivated by wrath and anger.

Cassie while know to be arrogant has a goodside of her that her friends and family get to see. Much like Johnny she has a lot of pride and she can be overconfident. Cassie is sassy and likes to show off she also has a ego which she gets from her father. She has a problem with underestimating her opponents while she overestimates herself Cassie knows that she is a good fighter but she gives herself to much credit.

Even though Earthrealm is currently working with Outworld Cassie Cage still believes another war will happen between the two realms. She is happy with the peace but will look for any trouble or problem from Outworld even if it's not there.

Physical Appearance

Height: 173 cm (5' 8")

Weight: 63 kg (140 lb)

Build: Athletic

Hair: Blonde (short)

Eyes: Blue

Age: early 20s (MKX)

Powers and abilities

As the daughter of Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage, Cassie has received Special Forces training from her mother, while gaining her father's superhuman abilities. Her powers increase her physical attributes and even allowed her to defeat an overpowered Shinnok.

Signature Moves

  • Single Shot: Cassie draws one of her handguns and fires off a single round at her opponent. (MKX)
    • The enhanced version is called Akimbo and has Cassie draw both of her handguns and fire off six shots rapidly.
  • Glow Kick: Cassie launches a high kick that carries her into the air while her body glows with green Shadow Energy. (MKX)
    • The enhanced version is called Diving Glow Kick and has Cassie follow up with a divekick.
  • Getaway Flip: Cassie cartwheels back, kicking her opponent. (MKX)
    • The enhanced version is called Power Kick has Cassie do a full backflip and hit her opponent with both feet.
  • Air Akimbo: Cassie fires both of her pistols while in the air. (MKX - Hollywood Variation)
    • The enhanced version is called Air Multi Gun and has Cassie fire more shots with a follow up shot when she lands on the ground.
  • Nut Kracker: Cassie drops to her knees and slams her cupped fists into her opponent's groin. (MKX - Hollywood Variation)
    • The enhanced version is called Nut Buster and has Cassie follow up with a second hit.
  • Take Down: Cassie tackles her opponent, knocks them to the ground and punches them in the face before getting off of them. (MKX - Brawler Variation)
  • Bow Breaker: Cassie snatches her opponent's arm, breaks it, then flips them over into the opposite position. (MKX - Brawler Variation)
  • Air Power Slam: Cassie grabs her opponent in midair and flips them over while kicking them down with both feet. The enhanced version adds more damage. (MKX - Brawler Variation)
  • Air Assault: Cassie calls on her earpiece and has a missile drop down on the arena at either close, medium or far ranges. (MKX - Spec Ops Variation)
    • The enhanced version is called Target Paint and has Cassie lock onto her enemy with a green laser sight to hit them with the missile.
  • The American Way: Cassie salutes her opponent while a trumpet horn flares. (MKX - Spec Ops Variation)
  • X-Ray Move - Testi-Kill: Cassie bludgeons the opponent twice with a baton, and then performs a cartwheel kick. If this connects, she will send a flare to their face, blinding them. She then performs the splits and delivers a powerful punch to the opponent's groin, making a male character's testicles explode, or a female's and Alien's genitals strain. While they double up, she hits them in the face with the butts of two pistols, cracking their jaw, and then shoots them in their eye sockets, making their head snap back and sending them flying. (MKX)

Other Moves

  • Throw: Cassie grabs her opponent, slaps them hard enough to turn them around, then whips out her nightstick and slams it between their legs, flooring them. (MKX)


  • Bubble Head: Cassie draws her pistol and shoots her opponent's kneecaps, forcing them down onto their knees, then shoots them in the head. As her opponent's reels and blood spills from their head wound, Cassie walks up to them, pops her gum, then sticks the wad onto the bullet hole in their head, with blood filling the gum up into a balloon, and then pops, splattering blood on their face before they collapse dead. (MKX)
  • Selfie: Cassie draws her nightstick and hits her opponent's jaw with enough force to break it and leave it dangling from one side. As her victim starts to fall, Cassie grabs her opponent, pulls out her mobile phone, and takes a picture of herself and her jaw-broken victim together in a "selfie." She sends the photo to a social media site called "Friendships," where other users are seen commenting on it (some of whom appear to be other Mortal Kombat X characters, and others are Mortal Kombat characters from past games in the series); different comments appear every time). (MKX)

Other Finishers

  • Brutality #1 - Between the Eyes: Cassie fires a single shot into the opponent's head, leaving a hole in it. (MKX)
  • Brutality #2 - Hat's Off: Cassie performs a Getaway Flip, decapitating the opponent. (MKX)
  • Brutality #3 - Pop Goes: Cassie performs a Nut Cracker with enough force to pop off the opponent's head. Alternatively, the opponent's eyes pop out of their sockets. (MKX - Hollywood Variation)
  • Brutality #4 - Beat Down: Cassie tackles her opponent to the ground and brutally punches them to death, leaving their head and face a gory, bloody mess. (MKX - Brawler Variation)
  • Brutality #5 - Half Day: Cassie calls a drone which targets itself into the opponent's torso, blowing it and their torso apart. (MKX - Spec Ops Variation)
  • Brutality #6 - Hail to the Chief: Cassie performs The American Way, but backhands the opponent after saluting them, hitting them hard enough to not only break their neck, but twist their heads around a full 180 degrees. (MKX - Secret - Spec Ops Variation)


You're not yourself, Liu Kang.
~ Cassie Cage before confronting Dark Emperor Liu Kang
Sandals. Think the rest of us want to see your feet?
~ Cassie Cage to Bo' Rai Cho
Look who's talking, maggot mouth!
~ Cassie Cage to D'Vorah
I'm here, fugly. Now what?
~ Cassie Cage to Erron Black
Love ya, Uncle Jax!
~ Cassie Cage to Jax Briggs
Screw you, creep!
~ Cassie Cage to Kano
~ Cassie Cage to Kano
Cassie Cage ready Kenshi sir!
~ Cassie Cage asking if Kenshi fight her and lose to her
Move it or lose it.
~ Cassie Cage to Kung Lao
Your face could use a boot print.
~ Cassie Cage to Mileena
You ever scare anyone saying that?
~ Cassie Cage after Quan Chi says unspeakable horror awaits her
I feel sorry for you. . . . I meant 'cause of your face.
~ Cassie Cage as Reptile talks about his Zaterran race
Think I'll rearrange your face instead.
~ Cassie Cage to Shinnok
You should rethink your life.
~ Cassie Cage to Tremor
Thanks! Yours looks like a butt.
~ Cassie Cage after Liu Kang says her face looks like her mother's face
Why are we worried about Outworld? I thought that Kotal Kahn respected the Reiko Accords.
~ Cassie Cage talking an event from the MKX comics during the MK X game
Cassandra Cage. You led this group, but they do not follow. What would your mother do?
~ Sub-Zero talking to Cassie Cage about her team
Stop wasting time and take you down.
~ Cassie Cage to Sub-Zero
Damn I should have seen it.
~ Cassie Cage after Sub-Zero tells the team it was a training exercise
These are 500 dollar shoes.
~ Cassie Cage mid fight
I make violence look good.
~ Cassie Cage during mid fight
I expected better.
~ Cassie Cage in between rounds
Not impressed.
~ Cassie Cage in between rounds
Be annoying somewhere else!
~ Cassie Cage mid-fight with Ferra/Torr
Okay, but you never listen.
~ Cassie Cage when Kenshi tries to offer a word of advice
C'mere. I need something ugly to punch.
~ Cassie Cage to Reptile
I'm being harassed by a toaster.
~ Cassie Cage to Triborg
Help me conjure green energy, okay?
~ Cassie Cage asking Raiden to train her
Let's teach you some Er-manners!
~ Cassie Cage joking around with Ermac
I can't believe you'd hit a girl!
~ Cassie Cage to Kenshi
Princess. . . . Sorry. Did you just say, "Kick my ass?"
~ Cassie Cage mocking Kitana
Get up, get down!
~ Cassie Cage mid-fight
Say goodbye to your teeth.
~ Cassie Cage to Reptile
Scum! (Kano: Baby girl. First swing's on me.) They're all gonna be on you!
~ Cassie Cage before battling Kano in free-play and arcade matches
It's not like I'm learning from you.
~ Cassie Cage to Scorpion
~ Cassie Cage insulting Tanya
Finally! A fair fight. . . . Otherwise, you're getting one in the noots.
~ Cassie Cage to Takeda Takahashi
Not on your best day.
~ Cassie saying that Takeda can not beat her.
Screw you, creep.
~ Cassie before battling Kano
No sweat. I got this.
~ Cassie Cage thinking she can beat Kung Jin
You need something? . . . Denied.
~ Cassie Cage after Jacqui Briggs asks for permission to fight her
Not a problem.
~ Cassie thinking she can take on her father Johnny
Damn it, Mom! I'm Cassie!
~ Cassie Cage tired of her mother, Sonya Blade, calling her "Sergeant"
You will.
~ Cassie Cage telling Sub-Zero that he will answer to her
Stay away from my mother!
~ Cassie mid-fight with Kano
If it makes you feel better.
~ Cassie after Sonya tells her that she needs more training
I know your impressed.
~ Cassie Cage mid fight
Got a thing for punishment?
~ Cassie Cage mid fight
You know it!
~ Cassie Cage mid fight
Not even close.
~ Cassie Cage in between rounds
Hey, I get it from you!
~ Cassie Cage mid fight with her mother Sonya
Wasn't expecting you, D'Vorh. An easy win and a vigorous shower.
~ Cassie Cage believing she will win against D'Vorh
I'm here to bet down a Mister Ermac?
~ Cassie Cage teasing Ermac
Is that a crack about my height?
~ Cassie Cage joking with Ermac
Thanks for the tip.
~ Cassie Cage doesn't believe Erron Black when he tells her she's in over her head
You're going down hard.
~ Cassie Cage to Erron Black
Flattery will get you nowhere!
~ Cassie Cage joking with Ferra and Torr
How much do you want for him?
~ Cassie joking about wanting to buy Torr from Ferra
Ready Kenshi sir!
~ Cassie thinking she is ready to challenge Kenshi
You're down in one hit.
~ Cassie to Kitana
Aw, to fit at your side?
~ Cassie joking after Kotal Kahn says that she is worthy
I feel a big but coming.
~ Cassie Cage speaking in a unhappy voice after Cetrion says she would forgive her for defeating Shinnok and show remorse
Lose those guns and what do you got? Game country boy.
~ Cassie believes that if she takes away Erron Black's guns he won't be able to fight
By order of the Special Forces leave. My fits beg to differ.
~ Cassie trying to force Geras to leave earth and speaking with anger in her voice
Tell that bitch anytime anywhere.
~ Cassie after Jacqui warns her that Frost is looking for her and Cassie believes she can beat Frost
Yeah it's the Cage thing.
~ Cassie speaking with laughter after Jacqui says she is letting her rank go to her head
This Cage doesn't rust.
~ Cassie telling Jacqui how she believes her skills won't get rusty and will as be a good fighter
I'm your commanding officer now.
~ Cassie bragging to Jacqui
Dude you got a B.O. problem.
~ Cassie joking about how she could tell Kabal was a Black Dragon
You'll be another first round knockout.
~ Cassie thinking that she will beat Kabal easily
I think your but ugly.
~ Cassie insulting Kabal
Just the asshole I've been looking for.
~ Cassie to Kano
Three strikes and your dead Kano. You know what that was strike three.
~ Cassie vs Kano
Just got no patience for imperial bullshit.
~ Cassie Cage to Kitana Kahn
Like father like daughter Kotal.
~ Cassie bragging to Kotal about how she defeated Shinnok
You subject matter expert?
~ Cassie after Sub-Zero tells her that she can't win against him
Remind you of anyone we know?
~ Cassie Cage after Sub-Zero says she is talented but brash
Sub-Zero can you just chill?
~ Cassie Cage after Sub-Zero tells her that she and Special Forces don't control the Lin Kuei
Where's the ninja convention? So why dress like one.
~ Cassie joking about how Sub-Zero is dressed
Bride of Dracula. Let me tell you he's a catch.
~ Cassie making fun of Skarlet
I am the daughter of hollywood royalty.
~ Cassie Cage joking around with Skarlet but also taking pride that she is hollywood royalty
Can I say it just once? Get over here.
~ Cassie Cage after Scorpion tells her she will suffer if she uses his line
Don't singe my hair ok. It's a virrtue where I come from.
~ Cassie showing pride and joy in her vanity after Scorpion says it's a weakness
Grandmaster grumpy face. Just your sad core outlook.
~ Cassie making fun of Scorpion
For the last time it's Cassie.
~ Cassie Cage getting anger after Raiden calls her by her full real name
My trusting you cost me mom. I got a few bad ideas.
~ Cassie not happy with Dark Raiden, normal Raiden and mortal Raiden
What else is new Raiden.
~ Cassie telling Raiden that she is tired of hearing how a grim shadow is falling on earth and how Special Forces aren't doing their job
You fought mom at the tournament? Don't leave out that she flattened you.
~ Cassie vs Noob Saibot
Good thing I saved him with the glow.
~ Cassie bragging to Noob Saibot about how she saved her dad and stopped Shinnok
Fighting your revenant was the worst. Let's just say I've got issues.
~ Cassie has problems with Liu Kang after seeing and fighting his revenant
The problem is with your revenant.
~ Cassie wanting to punish normal Liu Kang for his revenant's crimes
The original chosen one. I'm only just getting started.
~ Cassie trying to embarrass Liu Kang
Getting awfully cuddly with Kitana. Just remember your Earthrealm's champion.
~ Cassie Cage remining Liu Kang to stay on Earthrealms side and not Outworlds and Kitana Kahn's side
I'm the drill instructor here.
~ Cassie Cage telling Kung Lao she does the teaching and training and that he could learn something from her
You looked surprised. Looking right at her Kotal
~ Cassie after Kotal is surprised about not facing Earthrealms champion but Cassie thinks of herself as the champion
You bring an army to Earthrealm?
~ Cassie not trusting Kotal or the new Kahn's word of them saying that they will protect Earthrealm
Suck it troll.
~ Cassie Cage texting in her intro after someone tells her she can't beat Shao Kahn
Challenge accepted.
~ Cassie Cage texting after someone tells her she can't kill Geras
How about I finish one!
~ Cassie Cage texting after someone tells her not to start a war with Outworld
One shot one kill!
~ Cassie texting how she thinks she will beat Erron Black
Cassie: This isn't necessary, stranger
Rambo: Afraid you can't win?
Cassie: Okay. Now it's necessary!
~ Cassie to John Rambo
Cassie: You school me? Y'know I toasted Shinnok, right?
Shao Kahn: Shinnok schemed before he was worthless in battle. That you beat him only proves that truth.
~ Cassie to Shao Kahn.


  • She always appears to be chewing bubblegum.
  • On the "Friendships" site seen within her Selfie fatality, players can see a few characters from the game comment on her selfie photo of her and the opponent on whom she performed the fatality.
  • Following the events of Aftermath, Cassie's fate is unknown. She is last seen being forcibly taken away by the Shokans along with her parents' younger versions.


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