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CatDog's Parents are the characters in Nickelodeon's animated television series CatDog, appearing in the episode "CatDog and the Great Parent Mystery" and in one episode "Vexed of Kin". CatDog's mother is a sasquatch and CatDog's father is a frog with the nose.

CatDog's mother is voiced by Jane Krakowski and CatDog's father is voiced by Billy Bob Thornton.


In "CatDog and the Great Parent Mystery", they found CatDog as a baby and is blown away from them by a cyclone, and later in the present, CatDog is on a quest to find their parents. When CatDog arrive in Yonderland to look for them, and the parents found them and takes them to their cave. CatDog learn that they are not a CatDog, this is because they were adopted". They do not know where CatDog come from and told them about their separation from them by a cyclone. When Winslow showed up and confront CatDog for leaving, when Dog offers him to stay with them, but Winslow refuses. Suddenly, the Greasers and the Yokelburg mobs came to pound CatDog and their parents for all the trouble they had caused. And Cat escapes with Dog and their Parents back to Nearburg, and the Greasers and the Yokelburg mobs are taken by a sea monster named Bessie. At the end, CatDog and their Parents finally celebrating their Parents' Day.

In "Vexed of Kin", they go visit with CatDog and, which Cat thinks that his parents loved Dog more, which brings him into his jealousy.



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