Heroes who are either not good in their original source material or are more heroic than their original versions who may have been anti-heroes who may do things just for revenge killing rather than what they are in the recent adaptation who are more noble than the source version (with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles being an example). They are the polar opposite of Adaptational Villainy.

Sometimes, they are can stay on the side of good unlike their original versions while sometimes they may end up falling to the evil side to get close to what they are in the source material.

However, some of them can be Pure Good so long as they have no corrupting traits and they have welly acknowledge between right and wrong.

Also note that not only does this apply to fiction, it can also apply to myths and legends like most versions of Zeus who have been depicted as more heroic than his original version.

Note: Do not include people or beings from abrahamic religion for this wiki is neutral on that sort of faith and that some may have disagreements about such. also do not include real life people for they are only included in Fictionalized versions of true events.

Also, canon foreigners cannot have adaptational heroism, unless they were done more heroic in another version. Canon foreigners are born in adaptations so there is not an original source to give them heroic traits.

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