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Angelic heroes that are angels. They have done good while alive and/or where chosen to become a higher being of sorts and in some media even fallen angels can side with good either by redemption or they have Fallen for good reasons with the God of the setting being evil or morally questionable.


  • Angels originate from spiritual and/or alien realms that are good in nature. That means that most of them only know how to be good and cannot understand what is right or wrong.
    • Other beings that die and become agents of heaven or similar realms are Saved Souls even if they gain angelic powers.
    • Deities and Cosmic Entities are not necessarily Angels unless the story makes it clear they came from such realms.
  • They can only be Pure Good if (while meeting all the criteria) their moral agency has been made very clear and they can fully understand what is right from wrong (e.g. Pit, Gandalf, Aku Aku, and Rayman).

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