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Everybody betrayed me! I'm fed up with this world!
~ Johnny after discovering his friend Mark betrayed him.
Patch: Thunder? Thunder? I don't understand you lied to me?
Thunderbolt: I put on an act. I'm an actor. It's what I do.
Patch: But you said I can be your junior deputy...
Thunderbolt: I made all that up! I just needed someone who need the script.
Patch: But, you said that you'd help us.
Thunderbolt: Ugh! Don't you get it, kid? All that running around and saving the day stuff, it's-it's... It's make-believe! It's not REAL.
Patch: You promised!
Thunderbolt: Patch... I just... (sighs)
Patch: You lied. (crying)
Thunderbolt: I'm sorry, alright?
I'm not a real Wonder Dog.
I just acted like one once.
~ Thunderbolt revealing his true nature to Patch of his selfish arrogant egotistical motives.

Heroes who have been betrayed in some manner (or at least feel betrayed), whether it be his or her former allies/teammates, who reveal themselves as bad guys trying to gain more power. Often, this can be the motivation for a seeker of vengeance.

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